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Hello Dear Friend
May 17, 2002

Its me, sue :-)))),

Just wanted to pop in and say hello and send blessings to you. I am still feeling great, really appreciate the extras you throw in my order boxes...

Things here been really busy..Just put in a well, reached GOOD water in the aquafir at only 375 ft...We finished our barn last week, and sue got to do the roofing, laid out 30lb felt and rolled 90lb.Still have tons of energy, and have found now I can even tolerate high heat (temperatures of sun beating down on me dont bother me anymore, this is something new..YAHOO)

Been playing in the garden alot, have planted cabbage, brocoli, tomatoes, squash, lettuce,peppers, and a huge potatoe bed going and got mushrroms growing under the house in crawl space. Also planted chamomile, oregano, basil, marjoram,thyme, just every herb I could find.Even found chocalte mint, so I can make beleive am eating choc, hee hee Been making alot of the teas now in the sun, weather here has warmed up finally.

Loaned your book to another person who got the DEATH SENCTENCE and freaked, so I have her reading your book. Hope you are well, and happy. As one of your faithful followers who has been given a new life from you, felt it important to let you know how good am still doing. Went fishin Mothers day, and caught our limit of trout.

Our turkey chicks arrived 4 days ago and are in weaning pen, our SOW had her piggies, sold all but one for our food, and will slaughter our blk angus this next month. Keeping Kenny in his red meat and pork, and me, well I am addicted to turkey and chicken meat that I raise and those wonderful trout. Enlarged my lettuce garden this yr so can have more salad without buying it at the store.

Well, thats it here , again, you are my KING, love ya bunches lloyd, and thank you each day when I start pileing my pills out for the day.

Oh, found a friend in Phoenix who has lemon trees and am trading some meat for her freshly grown lemons for my lemon water, so dont have to touch store lemons anymore either....

Blessings Sue


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