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Blood Work
May 10, 2002


I just thought I would send you the results of my latest blood work.

It has been about five months since I started your program and I am happy to report that my liver panel came back normal. AST 47, ALT 62.

My viral load has decreased from 676,000 to 558,000 in spite of the fact that I did receive the Hep A vaccine a few months ago.

I am pleased with the results and look forward to the time when the viral load is undetectable. I also can report that I feel great and have much more energy.

Thank you so much for your tireless efforts in fighting this disease and the medical community at the same time.

My physician was guardedly impressed, although She is not an M.D. but rather is a nurse practitioner. She is going to write a letter to my insurance company and see if there is any chance that they will cover the herbal regimine if she prescribes it. I don't think that will happen, but we can try anyway. At least it may start them thinking.

This works.

Thanks again
J. Y.


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