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Re: whose crazy?
March 9, 2002

Dear Lloyd,

I have Hep C, male and nearly 49 years old.  I'm just recovering from a pegylated interferon - ribivirin trial.

It should have gone on for 48 weeks, however after six weeks, I was admitted to my liver unit dehydrated and felt totally off my head.  It seemed that each time I took my weekly shot, I progessively got worse.  I felt horribly unwell right from the start.  Then later I got emotional and psychotic ( I don't have a history of any mental health problems).

In the end, I couldn't drive, eat or cope with my kids, and lost lots of weight.  And now to my shock, my Doctor wants to start up again in the summer.  She believes that in combination with the right anti depressants an psychiatric support I ought to be able to get through the trial.

While on my first trial, I was actually put on some sort anti depressant drug similar to Prozac.  This just made me want to sleep all day long, and when stopping the tablets, I felt pretty yuk and weird.  So, coming off them took another six weeks of my life.

Although I was depressed while on the trial, I also felt pretty unwell.  However, my Dr thinks that most of what I went through was in my mind.

I'm now seeing a psychiatrist, who thinks I'm pretty neurotic.  He wants to prepare the way to re-start the trial; I really don''t know where thier coming from.  I actually think I could have coped with just being depressed.

My gut feeling is that they're all crazy, but they seem certain of themselves - should I listen to them?



NO! Your doctors are PERVERTED!

I really hate to put it that way, but I am obligated to humanity and the charged words are the best understood words I can come up with.  Your doctors should be put on trial and incarcerated for malpractice.  Please do not use any more.

Schering Plough is killing people and hiding it with big money.  My program works better than anything the FDA has to offer.  Your personnel testimonial is enough for any neutral minded doctor to realize that you are not a candidate for peg intron.

They are being paid and given huge incentives to push this drug (DRUG PUSHER).  I AM GOING TO PUT THIS ON MY MESSAGE BOARD, USUALLY I ASK.  This IS BECOMING TO BIG, IT IS KILLING PEOPLE, MAKING PEOPLE SUFFER BEYOND MY IMAGINATION!  I will remove your name, address, etc.

Peg intron is now 'out of stock' for many reasons, mostly because it is causing problems in mass and complaints are becoming massive.  Since 9/11 many have been diagnosed and put on this criminal toxic poison.  People are rebelling and they need to be heard.  The FDA needs to know that since they are the Mafia of the Drug Industry that they are going to be toppled!

Peg Intron represents billions of dollars a year and these dollars are shared generously to assure the continuation of this massive money making scheme.

Believe me, this is a real event occurring right here in the US.
We need to fight the 'Terrorists that are right here!"

In good health


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