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Bill On Interferon
March 27, 2002

Hi there Lloyd,

I called my friend Bill last night to see how he's doing, and it is not good. He is 54 years old and was diagnosed several years ago with HepC, at which time he underwent a year of interferon, and it failed to get rid of his virus. The whole year he had an annoying headache, and in order to get through it, he became a vicodin junkie for 6 months.

After we met and discovered what we had in common, he began taking some herbs that he got at a health food store, mainly milk thistle. He could not afford to do your program, so he did what he could. Unfortunately his liver enzymes ended up going through the roof, he ended up deciding to try combo therapy, as his insurance would cover things. He was on it for two months, and had to stop as he could not tolerate the side effects. I wont list them all, but it was ugly, and he had to keep working in order to live.

It has been almost two months since he quit taking it, and he has had a migraine headache so severe that he can't sleep. The doctors have given him a CAT scan, and many many pills, everything from sleeping pills to anti seizure pills but they cannot figure out what's causing it. They told him it might be a rebound headache from discontinuing the use of ibuprofen.

He told me that he's thought about killing himself, and he's in so much pain sometimes he wants to kill others too. He has alot of joint pain, and I asked him if he'd tried glucosamine for that. He said that after what he's been through, unless he plucks it off of a tree or digs it up out of the earth, or he himself shoots it, he doesn't want to put it in his body. NO PILLS. He has so many pill bottles right now he's thinking about making a collage out of them.

I just love Bill, he is one of those wonderful people that is so easygoing and kind, I wish I could win the lottery and buy him all the herbs he needs. I wish insurance would cover your program, there are so many people just like Bill who are between a rock and a hard place with their Hepatitis, they have to do something, and are forced to make a Sophies choice, either get sicker and be miserable and die, or do the combo therapy and most likely end up like Bill or much worse.

I am SO FORTUNATE to have access to the resources I need to be able to do your program and am feeling pretty great these days. I have alot of energy, and at the end of the day I am amazed at how much I accomplished. After dinner lastnight it was still light out so I went outside to work in the yard and regretfully had to stop when it got dark... a huge contrast to the time when I'd wake up feeling like crap, want to die, lay down at noon and close my eyes wishing to just be unconcious so I didn't have to feel so damn sick and not having any hope of ever feeling any differently.

I've said it before but I have to say it again; You have changed my life , your book, your products, your sharing your experience with me... you are just awesome. I am so looking forward to that new book of yours...Now the next time my 92 year old Father asks me if I know of any other people who have gotten well taking these herbs, and why hasn't he read about it or seen it on the news, I can give him your response book, that'll keep him quiet for a while.

Thank you and God bless you and yours.



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