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Discrimination At The Job Site
March 26, 2002

Aloha Lloyd:

Please post this on your message board. Perhaps there is someone out there who has experienced this problem and can help us.

My son has Hepatitis C . He works at the animal quarantine station operated by the state and is an open area. Any way on March 21, 2002, when he was off, an employee approached the manager demanding that she and other employees know the truth about my son's desease. The manager printed out some material on Hepatitis C and gave it to this employee who shared it with others.

Upon return to work the following day, my son noticed employees carrying bottles containing some form of antibacterial liquid and were spraying areas that my son had gone to such as the restroom, the lunch room, etc.

We can't begin to mention the violation of my son's rights or privcacy or the ridicule and hatred that he is going thru..At this point we called a meeting with the union, the manager and the one person that asked for this information. We were just advised yesterday that all three are on vacation and we will have to wait until their return.

Is there any lawyer out there that can help us, or has anyone else experienced this and could you please let us know where we can go from here.

I want blood but my son wants the manager and that employee to at least be suspended.

Lloyd, if anyone can help will you give them my other email...

Sorry to bother you, but I thought the *dark ages* were dead and gone.

Malama Pono and Mahalo for your kokua,


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