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Non Specific Viral Load Tests
March 2, 2002

I received a call from E.B. on Saturday March 2, 2002.

He told me that he and his wife had just received her first blood test after 4 months on the program I outline in Triumph Over Hepatitis C. Upon diagnoses her viral load was Greater than one million (the test that does not tell us much).

Her AST was 42 Her ALT was 38.  After 4 months Her AST is 32 Her ALT is 14.

Her viral load is Greater than one million. Ernie said the doctor was furious about receiving that ridicules test again after ordering the proper test, one with a specific number.

These viral load tests that just say greater than one million are a waste of everyone's time. I suspect some group of people are making a fortune off of them.

Always ask for a viral load test with a specific number. If you do not get it refuse to pay for it. Call your insurance company, HMO or who ever you use and complain.


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