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Wonderful book...
March 15, 2002


Your book was just wonderful. My FiancÚ has Hep C Genotype 1a. He went the Peg-intron / Ribiviran route for 3 months and that was the most horrible thing we ever experienced. He started out with a viral load of over 1 million copies per ml. His liver functions were elevated, not to bad, but elevated. He also has Rheumatoid Arthritis, which the Hep C and Combo Therapy made 100 times worse.

His Liver biopsy showed : Active Hep C - grade 3 Focal unicellular lobular necrosis - grade 2 Moderate centrilobular steatosis Portal- portal tract bridging fibrosis with architectural distortion - stage 3-4

His ultra sound and CT scan show inflammation of the liver, fatty infiltration, gallbladder wall thickening with borderline dilation of the common bile duct.

We have decided that going the Alternative Treatment route was much safer and that he can regain some quality of life. He stopped the Peg-interferon / Ribiviran about 2 months ago because his platelets were at 23,000 and his white count was at 1.2. His first doctor (mechanic) we dumped after being on the treatment for 1 month and having a fever of 106.2, he told us not to worry that this is normal. Typical!!! His new doctor reduced the dose he felt a little better, but the blood counts were dangerously low and he was at risk of a cerebral bleed. At that point he ended Combo Therapy.

I work in a Lab drawing blood and processing specimens... yes I know you don't like us phlebotomists very much... to be honest with you neither do I!!!... I pretty much have open access, with doctors permission of course, to when and what labs to run on him. His first viral load after 2 months of treatment came back non- detected... after stopping...4 weeks after the first viral load, his level was at 5,916. 4 weeks after that he is at 231,000.

He has only been on the alternative treatment for a little over 3 weeks. I was wondering what you think of the herbs and supplements he is on. I will be looking into the ones in your book that I don't have. I put it on as an attachment...if you don't get it let me know.

I have watched a 47 year old funloving man turn into someone who cannot even get out of bed some days. His doctors give him narcotics(without the Tylenol) thinking that is the only way to help with the pain of RA. After being on the stuff for over 6 months he is now trying to get off it... NOT PRETTY!!! These doctors make you a junkie, but hey they are now destroying his liver!!! WHATEVER!!!

I have faith that alternatives will help and not just buy time. I have to believe... I don't want to lose him. I left my husband 4 years ago, I have 9 year old twins (they honestly love him), my ex-husband is a cop... typical cold hearted cop. I finally found a man that is loving, caring, thoughtful ...everything a person could be and want. I will not let Hep C take him away from us, I can't let it! He had a blood transfusion when he was a child ... even though he had a wild time in his youth, we think that it came from the transfusion. None of his friends that he was wild with have Hep C ... we asked them all to be tested. Thank God, all clean.

Any info or input you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and your book. I recommend it to everyone.

T. & B.


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