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We Need Your Help!
March 11, 2002

To: Secretary of Veterans Affairs - Anthony J. Principi

To: Majority and Minority Veterans Committee Members
Republican and Democratic Committees

From: The Citizens of the United States of America

Veterans from every branch of service were exposed to the Hepatitis C virus by many methods of transmission specific to military service. We call for immediate notification and education of all current/past military personnel to the many transmission methods that did/do exist within the military environment. We insist on Service Connection for the past/present workforce infected with hepatitis C and B and HIV.

Had the government reacted to the hundreds of warnings from federal scientists to heat the blood, we would not be sick.

Had the government implemented existing testing procedures to protect the blood supply, we would not be sick.

Had the government prohibited the sale of illegal blood to countries that banned the use of prison blood; if the government had not purchased the processed products back for military use, we would not be sick.

Had the government enforced the laws violated by blood processors, we would not be sick.

Had the government not permitted the 150 FDA employees to own stock in the very companies they were suppose to regulate, we would not be sick.

Had the government not used reprocessed single use medical devices against manufacturer recommendations, we would not be sick.

Had the government prohibited the use of HCV positive blood as starting material for biological products, we would not be sick.

Had the government provided funding for this disease, HCV would not be the worlds number one epidemic today.

Had the government not tried to conceal the neglect, New Transmission Methods would not be discovered yearly.

The Government SHOULD have and COULD have prevented the spread of this disease.

It is now time for the Government to take responsibility!

Please Sign and tell a friend!

March on DC for HCV

Note from Lloyd

Veterans have been exposed to nelglect and misinformation. I hear stories everyday of serious malpractice.

You need to know that interferon's are not effectiveand that they destroy lives's, families and cause more deaths from sucide than Schering Plough wants you to know.  The FDA is not even willing to tell us.

The Program in Triunph Over Hepatitis C
works better than anything the FDA has to offer.



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