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Bulldozer Driver
June 29, 2002


On June 26, 2002 Peter called to inform me about his just received blood work. He has been on my program for 5 months, and I mean "on the program".

He contracted Hepatitis C from multiple blood transfusions during many surgeries.

His viral load was 297.000 and after 5 months on my program his viral load is 41.459.

His ALT and AST were elevated but that information is not available right now. I will fill that in when I find it.

On June 26, 2002 his ALT was 23, his AST was 26 and his bil is .5

His doctors wanted to know what he was doing and he told them he was using a program developed by a former bulldozer driver who overcame Hep C.

They had wanted to talk with me and after that they were not really that interested.

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