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C Free June 24th!
June 29, 2002


On June 24, 2002 my client K.B. called and asked me to explain his blood work because no one else had. K.B. started my program one month and 24 days earlier after testing positive for hepatitis C.

His liver enzymes were slightly elevated and his viral load was unknown. I could not figure out the test over the phone so I ask him to fax it to me. I still could not figure it out.

Jill called him back and got his doctors phone number and I called him. I spoke with him briefly and he asked if I was a doctor and I said no. He wanted to know why I was interested in reading this test. I informed him I am an author and help people read their blood work when no one else has taken the time to do it.

He said he would call me back and he did.

The answer;

HCV RNA PCR QN. Less than 600 =1=
The doctor stated the patient no longer has the disease.
His ALT was 23.

Blood work on file from the Mayo Medical Laboratories. The above statement has not been evaluated by the FDA and is for informational purposes only.


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