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Limes Disease
June 29, 2002


On June 2, 2002 a client who has been on my program for about one year called and told me an interesting story I thought many would like to hear. He does a lot of my program and feels good and is back to work doing well. He was given Hepatitis C viva a blood transfusion after being shot in Vietnam in 1969.

In 1990 he was bitten by a tick and was latter diagnosed with Limes disease, something I know little about and hear about a lot. I was informed that every year at about the same time near the end of May he goes to the doctor to be tested and goes on a coarse of antibiotics. Further he informed me that during this time he would lose the ability to speak, think straight and there were other serious symptoms.

After one year on my program for hepatitis C he goes to the doctor and gets his usual test for limes disease. The test comes back negative after 10 years of being positive.

His doctor tells him, "this can't be, once you have it you have it you always have it and it is gone".

My client tells his doctor about all the things he has been taking for hep C and asks if it could have been anything he was taking for hep C that made it go away. His doctor just said, "once you have it, it does not go away and it is gone".

My client was overjoyed and filled with enthusiasm. I do not have this blood test on file but I asked for it. Mentioning this episode is not intended to sell, advertise or suggest a cure for anything. My client and I just thought it was interesting, very interesting. The FDA has evaluated nothing in the preceding.


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