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FTC...(Force the Compliance)!
June 28, 2002

Hey, Lloyd

- What a crock! Far be it for me to condemn the wisdom of our government, but I think the government's britches are getting just a little too big these days. And, just whom do you think will be the one to establish whether a claim is substantiated or not?

I think that your maintenance of tests on file will be key to your defense! I'm no lawyer, but I do believe in the CYA method- which sadly may mean stricter guidelines for your messages to be posted. I find this prospect distressing, to say the least! I, for one, look forward to your regular postings.

Hope and nurturing comfort are the incentive necessary for several of us, in this fight that so many don't understand. I'm most concerned with the NatCell Thymus products future! Will we have to refer to it as product "X", or some code-worded product like "Super-Duper C"? I know how important it is, and unfortunately, living paycheck to paycheck, I can only splurge for it on occaisions!

This just seems to fit too nicely with the AMA and FDA's desire to tax the #e!! out of the American people. Have you been keeping up with the push for reviewing our tax system? Even though a group has gone about every legal process to just LOOK at our system, our elected officials have made it a point to DISREGARD the public, and BLATANTLY not address the legal process for REDRESS!

Not trying to get on a rampage here, but it sure seems like an uphill battle is not enough for the common folk to suffer, according to our beloved officials. I hope that you can find the resources to accomplish your goals, and not get into any trouble, Lloyd!

Perhaps we can form a petition, or better yet, maybe pay a nominal fee to get to a "members only" section of your web? By indicating the acknowledgement prior to "joining", perhaps you can offset the majority of any liabilites on your part. Heck, if worse comes to worse, maybe we could all swear, pay and use a VPN connection (encryption could also be further employed, but gets more expensive) to your/our site?

I know....more costs and responsibilities are not what any of us want or need, but CYA Lloyd!

(Post away Lloyd- just use the alias! Thanx.)

FluxNote: You may wish to send grievances for Redress to


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