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Fanatic About Your Immune System
June 23, 2002

Hi Lloyd,

I have a comment and a question.

Regarding Moducare I feel it really works. I was in the middle of a 30-day raw food cleansing diet when I received my order. The day after I started taking Moducare I experienced a powerful cleansing reaction. It lasted about a week; I went through it without breaking it. The product improved my immune systems ability to expel toxins. The experience made me a believer in plant sterols I will not go without it now.

I took 60 days off work and focused on serious detoxing (I can't work in that condition). I've been through a couple of really heavy cleansing reactions since I started, it's difficult but worth it. Now it's getting harder to provoke a reaction so I feel I'm cleaning up nicely. I'm really taking the load of my immune system; hopefully I will see the benefit in my next viral load test.

It's been 8 months and 20 days since I started your program. Lloyd I can place my hand on a stack of Bibles and honestly say that I cannot ever remember feeling so good. I feel fantastic! I was thinking today I went from deaths door to a feeling of euphoria in 9 1/2 months. What a roller coaster ride it's been! I'm gearing up for the next 9 months, I've learned so much. I'm planning to refocus my efforts. My whole perception has changed. It's gone from someone who was sick and afraid to someone who is fascinated by the power of the human body to heal itself; my mission is to maximize every advantage of that power.

The more I learn the more secure I feel. Nine months ago I never had a passing thought about alternative medicine, raw organic food, Natcel, Milk Thistle, Aloe and all the rest. If you could have seen me before and see me now you wouldn't believe your eyes. I look so healthy. And it all started from the depths of fear and depression the day I read your book, what a great book, it was just what I needed.

Thank God for the Internet what a magnificent research tool. And thank you for talking me out of interferon therapy! There is a line in a book I believe it's your book "Triumph Over HCV" that said if you want to beat HCV you have to be a fanatic about your immune system. It's always stuck in my mind. I've become that fanatic and it's a great way to live and a fascinating subject to study.

I loved reading the posting on the message board "My Comprehensive Program " that shows your full program; I'll be making some modifications in my next order. I think you should post it at all times maybe as a folder just below your "contact us" folder on the website. It would be very helpful, I've read your book three times and I had a few adjustments that I need to make that I just learned about today. It's very interesting. I've printed it and I'll study it for a few days.

And now my question. Currently I take one Natcell Adrenal per week, should I also be taking the Adrenal Organic Granular Capsules or is the Natcell Adrenal enough.

Thanks for all your help. Take care.

Hi B.,

It is always a pleasure to hear from you. I wish others would take this as seriously as you do. The difference you are talking about I felt and am so happy I did. It is so difficult to get this information into peoples heads. Most are just not there or willing to even try to get there. Perhaps most are not very motivated. I do not know what it is but I do like reading you letters.

You can take the adrenal caps if you like. I do because I can not afford the Natcell Adrenal most of the time, I do take it sometimes for fun and health. Some peoples adrenal glands are shot or just in bad shape and need more help than others, most people with hep c or stress, serious stress need adrenal support.

May I post your message with a different name?


Hi Lloyd,

Thank you for your reply. Yes you can post my email but please make sure to change my name.

Lloyd your right I do take this very seriously. My research has proven that this is a very tricky virus; it's obvious that it's extremely capable of fooling my immune system. I have to be sharp it requires my utmost attention. It's imperative that I increase my knowledge of the immune system, any little thing I can learn that helps me improve it's efficiency is critically important to me.

I have genotype 1 the most virulent strain. My focus is intense but I've turned it into a fun learning experience. I really like the way I'm living now, it's very demanding and requires a lot of discipline but I've learned to enjoy the challenge.

Your book and help has sent me on a new path, even if I get this virus in remission I will never change the way the way I live now, my organic diet, the supplementation techniques, the cleansing and detoxification, the way I look a the medical community, the way I support my immune system.

I try not to look at the negatives of the disease; I've had so many positive changes that have taken place in my life because of it. When I first found out I had HCV before I told my Mother, I was reading everything I could get my hands on about the subject. I had an instinctive feeling that something could be done to help me that my doctor was either not aware of, or not telling me about. When I broke the news to her I said if I was going beat this disease it would be my mind that would save me, I told her I was going to think my way out of this problem. I believe that my intense mental focus on the subject along with your book and personal assistance was the catalyst that brought me to the level of health I enjoy today.

In the condition I was in when I was diagnosed I felt I would be lucky if I had a few years left. And they would most likely be years spent sick in bed. I'm absolutely elated about my progress to this point.

Lloyd I notice in your Herb Schedule posting that your recommending NatCell Mesenchyme during the treatment. I'm curious about the Mesenchyme, I was under the impression it was used as a healing aid after surgical procedures. How can it aid a person with HCV?

Thank again for your help. Take care,


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