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Re: Hep C
June 21, 2002

Dear Lloyd

After a month and a bit of thymus/aloe vera and NatCell my virus count is down from 400,000 to 6,000. Which looks pretty good. But the ALT/AST transferase counts are still up in the 200s and blood platelets are at 100, 50% down on what they should be.

I'm taking a lot of other stuff as well - usual vegetable derived vitamins, chelated minerals, alpha lipoic, MSM, NAC, omega 3, milk thistle, reishi mushrooms and TCM herb drink, enzymes etc etc. 2 litres bottled water, no iron or B3 etc. No alcohol, but I do still smoke. Have I got something really wrong or is this just the phase before the liver heals itself? Appreciate any response.

All the best.

Hi R.S.:

I think you are doing just fine. This is a great improvement in the viral load. Most peoples AST and ALT go down in the first few weeks but not all. There can be many reasons for this. If you drink my teas they should go down.

Try Hyssop fast to start. 2 quarts of hyssop tea a day for 3 days. During this time cut down on red meat and dairy products.

This fast is amazing. Everyone who does it is very excited about how great it works.

The Platlets can take some time to get back to normal. Also drink Dandelion root tea and Milk thistle tea daily. In 30 days get another test and see if the AST and ALT have gone down.

In good health


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