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Re: AST/ALT Back to normal !!!
June 20, 2002


I have been on your program for a little over 2 months and I wanted to let you know my ALt and AST are back to normal.... I feel much better, I don't get tired by 2:00pm anymore. In fact I can even get by on less sleep than I've needed in the past. Thanks for your help and guidence!!!!

I faxed you my latest two blood tests, for your review. My Total Bilirubin was high. What does that mean? Is it something to worry about? Could the liver problems be contributing to my high triglycerides? I get my Viral Load back next week and willl let you know how I did. I belive that will be much better also.

Thanks again for your help and any feedback would be much appreciated!


Hi S.

I read your blood work. Your Triglycerides are not a problem. Your Bilirubin is only .09 of a point over the reference range which is not bad, it will correct itself in time. Everything else looks like it is getting better. Please keep me informed.

In good health


Thanks for getting back to me. I have an interesting story for you.

About the same time I found out I had the virus, a guy who works for my brother in law found out he had it. He was instructed by his doctor and insurance company to take the combo therapy. I told him to get in touch with you and read your book before he did anything.

When I callled him a week later, he had not gotton your book he said they looked at your website, but then called a relative who is a doctor in the Airforce for his opinion. He told them to use the combo therapy so they went that route. After being on it for about two months, the side effects were so bad he could only work about two days per week. When he did show up my brother in law said he was the color grey.

Well he decided to discontinue the therapy and get in touch with you finally. I haven't spoke to him yet but I'm sure he's going to be feeling much better soon.

Thanks for all you've done


Talked to my Dr. today. GGt is 97 as apposed to 226 two mos ago. He's pushing th combo therapy. I'm getting copys of the tests I will fax them to you tomorrow. Let me know what you think.



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