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"I feel like a new guy!"
June 19, 2002


After only two weeks on Lloyd's program, Ken called to order new products and tell us that this is the best he's felt in many years after only two weeks of taking all of Lloyd's suggested products. He says he feels completely rejuvenated and "fired up!"

The Mayo clinic wanted to start him on Interferon and he ended up spending around $5,000 simply trying to figure out what treatment to use. Yet after hearing countless horror stories and low success rates with Interferon, he searched the web for any other alternative. After finding Lloyd's Website and reading his books, he began the program and after only two weeks, he says he feels "like a new guy!"

Ken says, "I have too much in life to live for - you're not putting me down for a year ((with Interferon))I'm not a dog! You're not giving that poison to me for a year of my life. At 56 years old, life is short, and I don't want to take even one of those years away by poisoning myself."

For years, Ken would come home each day and have to take a long nap in the afternoons because of extreme lethargy and feeling feverish. For the past two weeks, he hasn't needed a nap, hasn't felt feverish and in fact, feels recharged and revitalized.


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