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Comprehensive Prescription
June 16, 2002

Dear Mr. Wright,

I've read your book, and also found out yesterday that my viral count has skyrocketed from 1 million plus pp/ml. to 5 million plus in just one year. Two years ago it was at 2 mill. so last year I was encouraged, feeling that my own defenses were doing their job (with out any treatment at all). I was diagnosed in 1999. I've lived a relatively clean middle class life (not that this 43 year old man has'nt taken some risks) but regardless of the reasons, the cause, I'm ready (with the help of God) to beat this damn thing! Trying to have a later life baby (my first) with my wife had caused me to put off the standard therapy (as well as) my wife taking a leap of faith that the disease would not be transfered....It has'nt. As you you say, it is not a STD if done the normal way (paraphrasing you of course)

My GP has already transfered my records to the Gastro-Entero who viewed and biopsed me in 99'. At that time there was only inflamation of the bile ducts and nothing more. Twice since then, including blood work this past week, all liver tests (including a ultrasound) indicated that there is no inflamation of the liver. My K factor is fine and even the presence of the proteins in the blood (of the kind that were first detected during a routine check up in 99') are not present. This means that if no one knew I had this condition, there would be no reason to even suspect anything at this time based on recent blood work (viral count test aside of course) My General Practitioner suggested an ultra sound because of an outside chance of tumors associated with liver disease (even though he claims my liver is not currently under attack). I prompted this, because I have been feeling a dull pain for over a month in my back, mid way up & on the right side. Though the ultra sound does not penetrate bone (such as ribs) the technician claims she was able to bounce the image to the back of the liver and is sure of the results.

So whats up? Why no outward symptoms (inward for that matter) with a viral count so high. Is it just a matter of time? I would like to put aside all the stress and tears that this recent news has caused my wife and I, if only to enjoy the birth of my daughter in approximately two weeks. However, with a viral count as high as mine, it appears as though I'm loosing the battle on the immunity front.

I need your help in this way.....I need to know exactly how many, how much, how often and what specific kind with relation to the supplements you recommend and endorse.

In other words, I want your schedule! Your exact and specific schedule! Don't worry, I wont hold you liable. I'm as pissed off at the system as you are and know all too well that so much good in this world is never realized because of fear of litigation. However, where your book left me unclear is in the area of formula...I need a formula. You took on a huge responsibility when writing your book and you truly (I believe) have a place in heaven for this reason. With the doctors breathing down my back to start treatments, I need to model myself after someone who has beat this without the side effects that I fear so much. You have made yourself the role model for conquering HCV for so many. I'm not looking for a guarantee, not even for you to be my own personal "beckon call" physician, but it would be great to know what your recipe was if only to have a frame of reference when I start to sort through the seemingly voluminous list of products you have posted as I set out on this odyssey toward healing myself.

Thank you so much!
J. C.

Hi J:

First, are all the viral load tests the same?

The viral load tests have changed starting about 18 months ago and the change is still going on from ml to IU/ml. The numbers are very different.  Also recently there is another change that I do not fully understand yet.

These changes have wrecked havoc on peoples emotions and their doctors have failed to explain them or even tell patients that the changes have occurred thus luring them into interferon use. I have seen this with doctors who completely resented there patients using alternative methods. I in no way am suggesting that your doctor is doing that, just letting you know that the doctors have failed to inform in regard to changes in the viral load tests.

Second, any vaccines, hep A or hep B or a flu shot can triple the viral load. Any mood elevators, Prozac or any sister drugs can raise the viral load. Antibiotics do raise it as well. Any medical procedure can raise it. Dental procedures can raise it.

5 million is not high nor is it life threatening. Viral load has nothing to do with AST, ALT, symptoms or liver damage. Lowering the viral load is something the immune system does best. You need to feed your immune system what it needs to fight the virus.

My program usually lowers the viral load up to 90% in the first 3 months. Natcell thymus is the main item that allows your immune system to do that. Natcell liver can help heal the liver and natcell Mesenchyme can do wonders to heal your body and cause you to feel well and people who use it swear it is like star Trek medicine. Natcell is like the engine in a car, the powerful ingredient but you need the rest of the program to get well, like fighting a war, this battle is fought on many fronts.

I attached a page out of my new book, not yet printed, that has what I did all on one page. I also attached a copy of the herb schedule so you can see how to take everything and view the other items that are good for hep c.

I hope this at least in part answers your questions and if not rest assured I am here to answer to the best of my ability any more you have.

In Good health

P.S. I would love to post your email on my message board, names address etc removed. If it is OK, please let me know.

    Two 400 mg Milk Thistle capsules three times per day.
  I also drank one quart of milk thistle tea per day.
    One vial of Natcell Thymus on an empty stomach every other day for 18   months.
    I also took two 500 mg of thymus organic capsules three times per day.
    Two 300 mg Adrenal capsules per day.
  I suggest taking Natcell Adrenal, one vial per week (optional).
    Two 500 mg Liver organic capsules 2 times per day.
  I suggest Natcell Liver, 2 vials per week (optional).
    Two cups of Reishi tea per day.
  You may also take Reishi capsules; one 500 mg 3 times per day.
    Two 100 mg Lipoic Acid capsules 2 times per day.
  Today, I suggest taking one 200 mg lipoic acid capsule 3 times per day.
    One 500 mg Licorice Root capsule 2 times per day, 5 days a week.
  I also drank two cups of licorice tea 5 days a week.
    One 500 mg organic Dandelion Root capsule 3 times per day.
  I also made dandelion root tea and drank 1 quart every evening.
    Two 500 mg Cat's Claw capsules two times per day.
  I also drank two cups of cat's claw tea per day.
    Four oz of properly prepared Aloe Vera 2-4 times per day, usually more.
    7000 mg of Vitamin C two times per day for three months. Vitamin C can   leach calcium out of your body. I suggest taking Coral Calcium with vitamin C   as it helps promote an alkaline PH.
    One 200 mcg Selenium capsule two times per day.
    One gram of Alfalfa two times per day.
    One 500 mg Olive Leaf extract capsule three days a week.
    One 2.5 mg of NADH each morning on an empty stomach.
    Two capsules of Eurocel (alternative to Hepastat) three times per day on an   empty stomach.
    One-two Lipotrope (same as Hepata trope) capsules three times per day.
    Vitamin B Complex - one capsule three times per day
    MSM - for many types of arthritis and joint pain caused by hepatitis C
    Flax Seed Oil - Alpha-Linolenic Acid, Omega-3, 6, 9
    COQ10 - Oxygenates the blood
    Natcell Pancreas - helps with blood sugar problems, Type II Diabetes, cancer
    Natcell Mesenchyme - the fluid in the embryo that gives rise to all organs

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