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Hope For Italian Heppers
July 7, 2002


Dear Lloyd,

My name is A. and I'm writing from England. I received your book yesterday after waiting for many months.

My father is unfortunately one of the victims of Hepatitis C and I'm getting quite concerned about him. He's gone through Interferon (and hell) last year, but just when they thought the virus had been won, voila' there it was again, stronger than ever.

He's now doing the Ribavirin/Interferon deadly combination... He's been on it for 2 months already (a complete nightmare). He's still got 4 + 5 months to go and I am sick worried for him. I just don't see how his body can take that rubbish for much longer. He's constantly screaming at everybody and crying for no reason whatsoever. He spends most of his time in bed but he hates it and gets even more stressed and aggressive.

He's only 54 and quite young looking and I just feel I can't do anything for him. I've just finished reading your book last night and I'm gutted by what happened to you. The thought that this is still happening to people around the world makes me furious. How low can you go for money? Yuk.

My father is Italian (as I am) and doesn't understand English at all. He is also quite confident that institutional medicine will "save" him. Doesn't really believe in natural alternatives, even more so if the alternative products cost much money (mine is not a benestant family). At the minute he is slowly losing it and I can't stand this. So I have decided to quicly translate parts of the book into Italian for him (all of it if I can) and I'll pass the translation on to you for other people to benefit as soon as I'm done.

Also I wanted to ask how I can get the cure you've done down to Southern Italy, where my father lives, if the NatCell Thymus is a frozen product? I should be in the States in mid July. Could I take the supplements with me? Could he start taking the supplements while he's doing the Interferon/Ribavirin combo? And if I can't afford the NatCell Thymus now, can I have him started on everything else?

Thanks a million for your time.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,


: I would love to post your email. If it is OK, please let me know. I remove all names address etc.

If interferon did not work, the combo is not going to work. Interferon interferes with the neurotransmitters in the brain stem where there are over 15 billion brain cells. That is why he is yelling and seems like he is losing it.

I can ship the products anywhere in the world. One needs customs clearance first for the frozen items. He needs them, they do change ones life.

If you are in the US in July, I can ship them to where ever you are and you can take them back very easy. You ask the airline how much dry ice they will let you carry and just take them.

It is true that after 9/11 some airlines do not allow dry ice anymore. People come here from all over the world and take them with them with no problem as long as they tell the customs agents it is for personnel use. Best to get clearance first. The rest of the items I can ship with little problem.

I would love a copy of the book in Italian. Right now I would get him on some NADH, works good for many to relieve many of the side effects of interferon. Also dandelion root tea to get the toxins out and some milk thistle 400 mg 3 x day to protect his liver from that poison. Lipoic acid helps a lot for more than I knew when I wrote the book. Selenium 400 mcg per day, can stop many of the problems that may occur later as a result of the use of interferon.

Non of these items will have any side effects when used with interferon's. Also he should have Thymus, Adrenal and pancreas organic glandular. They can help allot, not as much as the frozen items but better than nothing.

I hope this helps.

In good health

Hi Lloyd,

thank you ever so much for your reply. I will definitely get in touch with the airline I'm flying with and then get back to you asap to see if I can bring some supplements with me when I come over next week. I'll be in NY for two weeks so I hope it doesn't take too long to receive them there. (Is there a phone number where I can eventually order the supplements?)

Please feel free to post my email as other people's stories have helped me greatly, giving me the courage to get your book and write to you in order to find a solution.

So far I had underestimated Hepatitis C and its deadly course... I just thought that all those side effects (joint pains, fever, poor sight, depression, digestive problems, aggressiveness, to mention just a few) were "normal" (!), because that's what doctors tell you. They know that if the word is not "cancer" or "terminal disease" nobody's gonna get too worried about it and they can just delay - pretending to cure - what in reality they cannot (or do not want to) cure.

It is very painful (as you know too well) to see an absolutely normal, brilliant and still young man becoming a sort of "monster" and slowly fading before your very eyes. A "cure" should heal you and not finish you. That's why I strongly believe in natural remedies: in the worst case scenario, if you don't beat the virus, at least you don't destroy yourself with deadly chemicals; you introduce natural substances into your body, which means that nothing inside you will be damaged, but everything will be helped to get stronger in order to fight the disease.

Thank you for sharing your experience and I'll be happy to send a copy of the book in Italian as soon as it's ready.

Feel free to post this email as well. I'll be in touch with you soon.

Thanks a million again.


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