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Hi Lloyd
July 7, 2002


Hi Lloyd,

I have had Hep C since 1987, (as near as I can narrow it down). Diagnosed in Jan. '88 after getting a physical. My doctor told me that there would be no symptoms, that it would eventually resuface after a period of dormancy and kill me by cirrohsis or cancer.

Well, for the past 14 years, I've been getting blood work every other year to keep an eye on things, in March '02 the doctor called me with that voice of concern that I had been dreading. Hep C has reared it's ugly head. I was prepared to take the medical industry's (not medical perfession) remedy of Interferon Combo.

However, my wife was surfing around on the net and showed me your website. This is where I need to just thank you from the bottom of my heart. I thank God for you and I thank God for giving us these remedies in the very nature that he created.

I just started the regimen that you line out on June 20, 2002. I have not become completely free of pain and pressure, however, I can tell that it's less than it was one month ago. I'm feeling better all around.

Do you keep statistics on what percentage of people will respond to this treatment? Please let me know, even if it's not a full scientific study like thing, I just want to know maybe how many out of 100 or how many out of 1000.

I think this is such a great alternative to the "dark ages" approach from our hallowed halls of medicine. By the way, great book, I don't know how you kept your sense of humor, didn't you have doubts?

You're a stud, Lloyd. Send me an E-Mail, Bro', and if you're looking for someone to shape you a fine surfboard, give me a shout!

Best Regards,
(D. S., Lakewood, Ca.)

Hi D.

I am sorry it has taken so long for me to answer your email, I had the flu and a cough that kept me in bed for a few days.

Almost everyone responds. In the beginning I kept track of the percentages, now it is all I can do to find time to sleep. Sometimes someone will have there numbers go up and down for a while instead of just down.

Most people who stay on the program improve and by most I mean I can only think of 1 that did nothing after 1 year. She had many other problems. I felt so bad that I spent a lot of time with her even went to a micro biologist with her case to try and solve the problem. He, Dr. Robert Marshall told me no one was going to help this person. So, I do not have a scientific trial going on here. Just real world experiences and most of them are good.

There are some people who like you after a month just feel a little better. It took years to get and it takes time to reverse and it can be done and you will see that as you improve.

Did I have doubts? The more doctors I went to the madder I got. Then going to alternative doctors is like going to the circus until you find a good one. I found a genius, one who thinks at least as far as quality of product and processing products, source of products which are all very important.  One of the reasons I succeeded and the reason I have great sucess. Are you drinking my teas?

In good health

PS. I love your email. If it is OK to post it please let me know.


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