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C Free And My Life As The Interferon Antichrist
July 6, 2002


How refreshing to find a human who understands the archaic nature of interferon therapy, now selling to the masses at 5.5 million dollars an ounce.

I frequent a hepatitis c chat room wherein almost all the participants are on pegintron/ribavarin therapy and for all practical purposes all are incapacitated by the medication that they swear by. The interferon combination therapies are costing these people their jobs, families and normal lives and creating health issues unrivaled by hcv.

I am referred to as the interferon antichrist, by the way, as it is my life's goal to express to these people that their chances of SRV after such major sacrifices are less than 15%. The math is not mine; it is the math of the drug manufacturers' own design and is published on the internet but outlined in such a way that without wading through page after page of intimidating statistics one cannot actually see the facts. The common man is not going to wade through the details and fine print and accept the bleak reality printed therein.

I am involved in an activist organization that plans to have its second annual conference in Atlanta Georgia in April and with your permission I would like to invite you to join us once the final dates and accommodation details have been decided.

We need fresh air, so to speak and you da man.

Thank you for your web site and I shall delve wholeheartedly into this recommended regimen of alternative therapy. First I shall research it, then I shall try it. WHY NOT?

Respectfully yours,
Karen M.


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