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Re: Triumph Over Hep C
July 6, 2002


Dear Lloyd:

I just finished reading your book. Couldn't put it down. Very interesting and makes my blood boil. I sympathize with you whole heatedly, as I am also one of the million or more of us with this virus. My story goes back to 1970 and I won't get into that now.

I am interested in a couple of things / questions:  Where can I get the Hepastat? NatCell thymus?  What thymus capsules do you recommend and where do I get them? And where do you recommend the best ALA (alpha lipoic acid) purchased from?

I was also wondering if you have heard anything about "Microhydrin" or "Crystal Energy"?  A Doctor Meyer spoke of these at the Hepatitis C conference on the alternative med. panel.  You may want to get into the HCV Global Conference / Global Hepatitis C Committee?  Just a thought, to spread the word..  But I know your book is already doing a wonderful job.

When you get a chance, please let me know where to purchase these products.

We have a lot of similarities in our stories.  I have been so disgusted by the medical professionals, that I quit visiting any of them for a while.  But I do want to quit hurting and feeling like I could die at any time.  The PegIntron - Reb combo treatment I tried (and was on for 5 weeks) made me toxic!  I had to quit it and after psyching myself up that it was the one and only cure, it was quite devastating.  Also relate to the payment problem and no insurance blues as I have come to call it.  The way I got my PegIntron was to be a ginny pig in the latest study ..  That way the tx was free and I paid labs.  Not a cheep thing when I had to have labs every week, since my body rejected the tx so quickly.

However, there are more and more of us around.  Searching and reading and doing the same work that you did.  Thanx Lloyd for sharing your story..  I love ya..  and pray for your wellness ...
P. M.

PS I need your help and advise! I know you are probably swamped with people begging you for help.. I do so appreciate you. I'm desperate.. ya know? And begging for a little more of your time.

Hi P.

You can get everything at   I never planed it that way but after writing my book hundreds of people started calling.  Having had so much trouble getting the good stuff and knowing the health food stores have junk for the most part, I provide the same quality items I took and I am a non-profit .org so things are cheaper.  The items I have for the most part are only sold by doctors so they would sell for more if you could find them.

There is really a big difference between most of the ones I have and the ones on the heath food store shelves.  I would like to post your email if it is OK.  I remove names, address etc.  It is a good story about interferon's.  So many can not do it and it does not work most of the time, a lot of suffering for nothing.

Happy 4th of July.


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