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Lady Veterinarian w/ Hep C
July 4, 2002



I have been reading about Hepatitis C almost non-stop since I was dx'd 4 days ago. Like many others, I had applied for higher life insurance and to my shock was denied in a certified letter that contained my test results.  I was also shocked to see that my liver enzymes, specifically AST and ALT were high, 77 and 122.  Cholesterol was up too, and I thought I had a healthy diet.  It was 255.  But of course that reflects the liver's role in fat metabolism.

For many years I have felt run down. I am,of course, a believer in Western medicine and my practice is almost totally Western medicine but I also practice accupuncture and holistic medicine. The way I feel is, let's not throw the baby out with the bath water. Western medicine is a wonderful thing.  It's discipline has helped us conquer many daunting diseases and problems, but there are definitely areas where it just throws up its hands.  For my "run down" feeling there just wasn't any doctor that could help me and since I was thoroughly worked up by a respected internal medicine specialist in 1988 I figured there was no use in pursuing a diagnosis.  He tested me for HIV,TB and Hepatitis back then but the Hep C test was not available.  My liver enzymes were mildly elevated then, but I went on a green drink fast for 4 days, and went back and was re-tested.  The enzymes were normal so I figured whatever it was was gone.  So did he.

Time passed.  I felt worse and worse.  I decided to go totally holistic in my approach.  I tried different diets, herbs, colonics, actually got some help from a psychic who visualized a "parasite" in my liver.  About this time chronic fatigue syndrome was very much in the news and I thought that I had that.

I finally reached the plateau of health that I am on now.  I have good days and bad days.  Sometimes I have headaches.  I accupuncture myself and they go away.  No OTC drugs will touch them.  I am almost afraid at this point to see a liver biopsy.  I have an ultrasound and have looked at my own liver.  It doesn't look to hyperechoic (whitish) but my US is a pretty crude one and it's hard to make fine distinctions.

I think I know how I contracted hepatitis C.  I had a transfusion during a surgery in 1987.  Shortly after that(6 months?) I had a low grade fever that lasted many days.  I never got jaundiced but that was probably the beginning.

I am kind of fuzzy on the exact timing of everything but that is the best I can recall.  So that makes 14 years of infection.

I have 3 children.  I still don't know if they are positive.  We are waiting for tests. They were all born before the aforementioned surgery.  I am not scared for me, I can take whatever comes.  I have a deep spiritual center and I will find a way in, under, around or through whatever comes my way.  But for my kids, I just tremble with fear.

I have read about the Interferon therapy.  It is not for me and the reason is simple.  If I have any more days of feeling worse than I do on my bad days now, life will just not be worth much.  Also, I am impressed with the work that a local Chiropractor has done with my health.  I am so much better since starting to see him 7 years ago.  He does nutritional and herbal therapy.  He makes me hold out my arm and then pushes down on it to " test " things on me.  If I am strong, they are good for me, if I am not, they are not.  I thought he was off his rocker at first, but, damn it, the "tests" work.  Through the years he has helped me through a lot of conditions. I think that shows that my body and my energy respond to this kind of thing better.

I wanted to share my story with you.

Probably best not to put my real name, address, etc. on the message boards but OK to put this up if you want.  I am very impressed with your approach.  You certainly have persistence.  Is it OK if I send test results and ask questions?



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