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RE: Jonathan
July 29, 2002


Hi Lloyd,

It's been awhile since I've been able to write - we're very busy here(!) and that is a very wonderful thing! I can't thank you enough for giving Jonathan his life back. I think it's been about 6 months (or maybe longer) since we started your program and the difference in Jonathan is amazing. He has energy, is able to work and function normally, has no migraines at all and his psoriasis has even cleared up tremendously!

I'm still waiting for him to go for his bloodwork again (he's getting around to it, we have to pay off the previous tests first) and I know that the results will be good. I'll try to get them to you so that you will have even more proof that this all works!  I've been reading some of the messages that you've posted and it makes me angry that these stupid doctors don't believe in this ( I have to tell you, Jonathan's sister is an MD also and she refuses to believe that this will work too, she keeps saying "we'll see, we'll see and then she asks me when he thinks he'll be ready to start on the interferon again. I've told her (and so has he) that he will NEVER AGAIN take that stuff. ) I have forwarded your information and website to a good friend who's mother was just recently diagnosed. She is from Haiti and she only believes in herbal medicine - she absolutely refuses to take anything else. I'm sure that it will work for her also.

Keep helping people and don't let anyone get you down. This stuff really works and my fiance is living proof!

K. K.

Hi K.K.:

I am thrilled that Jonathan is doing better. The program seems to do that. I would love to post your message. If it is OK please let me know. Also I would love to have the blood work when you get it.

Thank You,

Hi Lloyd,

You absolutely have my permission to post this message!  The more people you can help, the better!  This stuff really works!  Stay well...and again, thank you for everything....

Karen K.
( I will forward the bloodwork when he gets it done! )

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