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The Gift of Hope
July 26, 2002


Dear Lloyd,

You seem like an old friend though we haven't met. I'm looking forward to corresponding with you if you have time. I read your first book and have just ordrered the second. l have also done some further research and analysis for my husband Mark. In the meantime, I thought I'd say thank you for your dedication, love and support for your fellow HCV sufferers. Thank you for the extensive research you completed at your own expense that contributed to your own recovery and then for sharing that information with others. You are an amazing individual and I have the utmost respect and admiration for you. I'd also like to congratulate you on your success!

My name is Elaine Thomet and my husband Mark Packwood has HCV type 1a with a fatty liver and iron overload, he's 44,is a good man and fun to be around. I've since become his nurse out of love though I have no formal training.

The liver biopsy we just received last month stated my husband is at Level 4 HCV and Level 4 Liver Cirrohsis. His "Specialist" wants to get him on Interferon right away and said he'd only have 10 years to live if he did not. Don't worry, I've had my druthers about medical doctors years before I read your book and knew that the Interferon therapy was a last ditch, poor excuse for a therapy, from a Specialist we spoke with 4 years ago when we first found out Mark had HCV. So we chose to try an alternative route first and will retest after 3 months (October 02) to see what progress has been made and decide at that time whether we should continue on this route. I also just verified by the NIH Consensus Statement from June 02, that this therapy works least of all for Mark's type of HCV as I described above.

Mark feels great by the way and always has, no obvious discomfort from his condition yet. We started your thereapy in full July 3 this month. Just not making our own homemade teas yet but everything else almost to the letter. Thank you for so carefully shipping us our orders.

I'll let you know what I've been up to. I've read your first book about 3 times already, making careful notes. I began a Drug Regime spreadsheet in excel where I've entered every ingredient from every bottle I ordered into a spreadsheet that includes product name, manufacturer, individual ingredients, bottle pill qty, per pill ingredient dose, bottle price, "Lloyd's recommended dose", Mark's actual dose, daily combined dose*, relative bottle term, 3 mo order qty, 3 mo cost, date started and notes. (* The whole purpose of this spreadsheet was to make sure I could track the doseage he was taking of every ingredient since some ingredients were included in multiple products, that is what the "daily combined dose" column indicates.) The rest is just helpful to have record of and I needed a list to tell me what to give Mark every day. I also have him on some additional supplements not on your original list that I am also tracking. I would like to discuss these and possibly any new information you've learned since your book "Hepatitiis Free" was released. Though I'll wait to see what you had to say in your second book because I suspect we're on the same path. For the most part my spreadsheet is complete and I'd like to share it with you. I'd be interetsed in your thoughts.

I've also just recently finished Mark's Medical History spreadsheet. I received a copy of all his labwork since 1995. He's currently at ALT131/AST166 and viral count of 661K. Noticed they were much lower in 95-98 got real high 99-01 and have come down by about 1/2 since. When we learned of his disease in late 97 he began taking liver and other supplements with many of the ingredients you recommend but at very small doses.

As I mentioned, our first specialist explained our situation to us in early 98. He started with the whole "expect a slow terrible death with no current cures available" story. He then thoughtfully explained his opinion of Interferon therapy with its poor success rate, terrible side effects and how doctors get paid to prescribe it, which he did not approve of. He said if Mark showed no symptoms or discomfort, we should wait. He felt confident that some remarkable cures were around the corner. Suggested we get a biopsy to determine Mark's true status. Also mentioned some people can be carriers that do not ever develop chronic sypmtoms. Our delay in getting the biopsy was partially due to that last comment. Mark wasn't anxious to get poked especially if there was nothing we could do with the bad news in the meantime and he felt fine.

His current specialist (new insurance, new specialist) was pretty pissed that it took two years to get the biopsy since he ordered it but a lot of the delay was due to his office and the labs not communicating effectively. There was concern about wether or not Mark would bleed too much because of his Prothrombin tests. No one bothered to ask or advise us that some herbal supplements may thin his blood...we're not real impressed with this Dr who spent 2 minutes looking at Mark's file/biopsy and recomended interferon and then declared a "10 year life expectancy" if we did not...We told him we wanted to do some more research before we began and would get back to him.

If my Mom didn't find your book online and order it for me that day I don't know what we'd have done. We both currently work 12 hours a day and probably should continue to do so as long as we can, so we can afford treatment and keep insurance as long as possible. What you provided us with Lloyd, was hope. That alone, I know, has added years to Mark's life. That first day after his doctor told him he had 10 years to live a miserable death I could see Mark's spirit wilt. He started the "Why should I . . . if I'm going to die anyway." He has a strong spirit and I know it was just due to the shock but you've really, really given him something to strive for.

Other references I've looked into you may also be interested in were a book Alpha Lipoic Acid Breakthrough by Burt Berkson, MD PHD. A true student of medicine who finds the majority of the current medical community appauling. His career began as a young doctor treating a couple that came in dying from liver death caused by deadly mushrooms. The hospital he worked for advised him to make them confortable while they died - there was no approved cure. Rather than that, he thought to try something he'd been researching so he prescribed ALA and they recovered expediently. He was reprimanded. It happened again, another couple came in dying from lethal mushrooms kiling their livers and the hospital strictly advised him not to use ALA and instead simply make the patients comfortable for their death. He refused and saved them with ALA. He tried to excite the medical community about his success. They were adimantly not interetsed. He mentions how when he gives lectures to doctors today they walk away when he gets to the microbiolgy of why this works. When he asks them why they leave, they said they didn't need to know that much detail. This astonished him since he believes to understand how life works at the cellular level is the basic place to begin saving lives. I think you'd enjoy his book.

Also my Mom pointed me to a couple of websites, the first of which disusses the importance of Ph balance. Go there and scroll down the first page till you see A Simple Test. The other site is a good one for your records

I think you must have found this relationship with PH balance since you now sell Coral products on your website. I'll just quickly mention some of the facts that stand out: most cancer patients or people with serious disease are too acidic. Cancer can not live in an Alkaline environment and being too acidic can impair your body's ability to process the nutrients you may be trying to give it. Mark is acidic (6-ish) and I'm trying to fix that. This site said that checking your Ph should be the first thing anyone does when they feel sick and that Ph test strips should be in eveyone's medical cabinet next to the thermometer. Incredibly important!

Another Doctor, friend of the family, general practitioner said that ALT/AST are only basic and suggested we add GTTP, NK and T&P panels to our bloodwork. Another joyous event was a finding on Marks' most recent lab work that his Alpha Feta Protein Tumor Marker was at 22 (11 is high end of normal) indicating that he may also have a tumor no one's noticed yet. He tested normal 2 years ago. I think that may be what these additional tests identify. A sonogram (CT of the abodomen) to verify this as well was recomended.

I look forward to hearing back from you at your convenience, if you're interested in hearing more. I need to get back to our "specialist" and let him know what we're doing and what we need him do for us, i.e., order the sonogram, additional bloodwork in October and put Mark on the list for transplants. Also Mark takes a heart medication Rythmol (generic Propafenone) that we need to know if it is compromising his liver. If he says he won't do these things since we won't do the therapy he recomended then we'll know we need to find another doctor who will help us.

I know this is a lot of information at once and this is the first we've corresponded. You seemed genuinely interested in people's recovery paths and I wanted you to know I was also doing a lot of work and analysis on my own and that I am willing to share all of this with you. I'd like to also mention that I'd be happy to assist you in further helping the greater community if you have any plans to continue to share this knowedge through books or other efforts to educate the public and/or the medical comunity.

Feel free to share all or part of this message with others.

Thank you and God bless!


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