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HepC Blues
July 23, 2002


Hello, Lloyd,

I was diagnosed with hep C in 92.  I have gone thru two treatments; one interferon alone and then a couple years later the Rebetron.  Neither was successful, and I guess that is no surprise to you.  I have mild fatigue, but usually feel pretty good.  I try to take care of myself.  I have run across your site, and my eyes are really opening about this disease.  I have used Thymosin in the past -ordered it from Life Extension.  It was just so darn expensive.  I am on SSI.

My question: There are so many products at your site.  Should I start with a few, and if so which, or should I try to find a way to take all of them?  I have gotten really weary concerning this disease.  In the past month my legs and feet have swelled with pitting edema.  I am on Medicaid here in TN (called TNCare).  Its a mess.  All the Dr's are over booked and overcrowded.  My own Dr. of over 2 years couldn't or wouldn't work me in.  I called July 1 and was given a July 25 appointment.  After 2 emergency room visits they found I did have a UTI, but told me to go to my Primary Care Dr. ( I told them I was TRYING)  I changed Dr's just to be able to get some kind of treatment.  There were no blood tests run at the emergency room.  I finally last week wound up with a nurse practitioner who refused to run any diagnostic tests or profiles, but told me she was sure the swelling was liver related - she may be right.  In any case I can't get in to see a Gastroenterologist until Aug. 21.  I am still swelling, and don't know what my problem is.  Have you ever heard of swelling legs and feet associated with Hep?  I am really scared.  I am not trying to get you to diagnose.  And I really do need to know which supplements to start with as I can afford very few right now...........

Please do post my e-mail at your site.  I know awareness is Key, and I believe that the people will have to get together, much as AIDS patients have had to do to get effective treatment that won't harm them more.  I got the distinct feeling that Hep C is a disease that all the Dr's I saw just didn't want to deal with.  The sudden swelling that I have had can be a hepato-renal syndrome that needs treatment - not in seven weeks, but soon! (August 21, when I finally get to see a gastroenterologist, it will be 7-8 weeks from the onset of my swelling)  I have no faith in the medical community as a whole, but I do believe there are still some practtioners out there who are sympathetic, and helpful, and supportive.  A few years ago there were more than there are now, in my opinion.  Its very scary when your own Dr. (of almost three years) doesn't work you in when you have a problem, and you are left to go to emergency rooms, whose personnel simply tell you to go to your Dr.  I have been very depressed, but I have a 12 yr old to raise alone, and I can't just give up.  I won't give up.

Thanks, Lloyd for your comments.  I hope to be able to tell you soon what great results I have had.

Thanks for what you are doing,

Bless you and your work,
E. G.


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