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July 2, 2002


Hello Lloyd,

I have read both your books and they are wonderful very encouraging. I have Hep C and I have done the Interferon combo treatment for 18 months that was about 1and 1/2 years ago and it didn't work (big surprise huh) I was a little skeptical about the treatment you talk about. Of course I was listening to my Dr. well the treatment he put me on made me sick and didn't work. Now I am considering your treatment or at least as much as I can afford.

But I have a question about the NaTcell Thymus you have to send it overnight express because it is frozen, Well.... I live at the edge of the world here in Alaska and I am not sure if you can overnight it here I think the quickest way to get it here is 2 days (I am not for sure on this) do you have any information on this?

Do you send it to anyone else up here on the edge of the world? Your response is greatly appreciated.


Hi P.

As we speak we are preparing a shipment right to just about where you are. Fed Ex only has two day service in your area and so we use a larger box and pack it with more ice, enough to last at least 2 days. No problem



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