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The People Speak
July 21, 2002


Hi Lloyd,

Just received your book yesterday and I'm halfway through it.  What awesome, amazing stories!  Do you realize what you're doing here.  You are helping to save the lives of so many people.  All these people (myself included) have had a death sentence handed to them by the medical community and you have given us all hope and a vision of a long healthy life.

Personally, I was skeptical and researched all the herbs you recommended.  I've been on your program 9 months and my AST and ALT have dropped dramatically (you said try the hyssop tea) and my HCV RNA dropped by 1 million.  It did go back up briefly due to an illness which required antibiotics.  I am going for another blood test within the month (I like to pay off each one before I get another) and I can feel that I am healing and I expect great results.   I plan to increase the NATCELL Thymus as soon as school is back in and I can start getting a paycheck again.

Lloyd, you are to be highly commended for the work you have done and continue to do.  I get the impression it's incredibly difficult but satisfying.  Bless you for sharing with us.  I know I wouldn't made it this far without you and your staff.

Feel free to post this message. The more people who read what great results everyone is having, the better. You can use my first name.  I work at a school and I don't know if they might fire me if they knew I had hep c.  A lot of people are very ignorant about it.  (especially doctors)

Thanks for your time.

P.S.-Everything I want to say about the FDA is not printable.  If I lose my choice of treatment due to their meddling I will be PISSED. And that's all I have to say about that!

Hi Karen:

Thank you for the wonderful and kind words. My program does seem to work very well on most everyone who does it. I never knew it when I was doing it, it just happened that way. Feeding the immune system is the key with this virus. Our diets just do not have in them what our immune systems need to fight the virus.

In good health.


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