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Interesting Info about Aspartame and Hepatitis
July 13, 2002


For those on aspartame support groups
who have had questions about the liver problems from aspartame,
and why some physicians question hepatitis in aspartame victims.
From James Bowen, M.D.   June 4, 2001

Steato Hepatitis, characterized by an accumulation of fat in the hepatocyte (liver cell) resulting from ingestion of aspartame is focused in the mitochondria. Mitochondria are the energy furnaces of the cell and aspartame (APM) metabolism into more toxic derivatives, formaldehyde and formic acid take place in the mitochondria. As in all NutraSweet poisoning the formaldehyde and formic acid immediately attack the tissues they are generated in so we see a new co-existent plague of "anti-mitrochondrial antibody hepatitis" generated right along with the steato hepatitis because the immune system reacts to the degenerated tissues.

The breakdown of fats into energy producing chemicals has obligatory metabolism via mitochondrial mechanisms. When mitochondria are rendered defective by aspartame poisoning fat cannot be processed to be used for energy. The formation of fat from dietary calories proceeds because fat is built up directly in the cytosol of cells and accumulation is not dependent on mitochondrial function. So liver cells and fat cells and after fats cells (lipocytes) store fat and cannot get rid of it no matter how badly it is needed to supply energy to the body.

Thanks to NutraSweet these victims literally cannot starve the fat off of their bodies or out of their livers because of their compromised mitochondrial functional capacity. To make matters worse the mitochondrial DNA is severely damaged.

Methanol/formaldehyde poisoning occurring as the direct result of the obligatory metabolism of methyl radicals is the most common form of genetic damage, caused by formaldehyde cross linkage of DNA strains. The mitochondrial DNA is thousands of times more vulnerable to this than nuclear DNA, and lack the excellent repair mechanisms that protects the integrity of nuclear DNA. The presently understood mitochondria DNA repair mechanisms are merely excisional, that is the DNA rendered abnormal by the aspartame/methanol poisoning is merely excised leaving the mitochondrial function at best insufficient, defective and incomplete. Which in addition to producing inadequate and incomplete energy metabolism spins off highly damaging free radicals. Methanol/formaldehyde poisoning is noted for this.

This vicious circle amounts to tremendous degenerative process in the human organism and the unfortunate results too numerous to be repeated here but are well detailed on and other excellent sites such as, as well as Dr. Hyman Roberts text on the subject. (Aspartame Disease: The Ignored Epidemic - 1 800 814 - 9800 or ).

This amounts to virtual "genocide", and is further emphasized by the fact this mitochondrial DNA damage is directly transmitted by female NutraSweet users to her children and grandchildren, and to subsequent generations via her female descendents.


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