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Re: Questions
January 29, 2002

Lloyd my name is S. G.  For the better part of the last fifteen years I have read about natural remedies and have relied on them many times to help my body cure itself.  Over the last several years I have noticed some changes in my health and have been searching for some answers, mostly why am I tired most of the time.  The medical establishment about had me convinced that I was over forty and just wasn't ever going to feel like I was twenty.

My uncle has been diagnosed with hep c with mild cirrhosis, my brother has been diagnosed with hep c no liver damage, my brother in law has been diagnosed with hep c with no liver damage and a guy I work with has went through the interferon treatment and is due for his one year check up in February to see if there is any reoccurrence. After talking with these people I noticed many similarities between them and me.  I started reading.

At work they sent me to a blood born pathogens class and after the class they said the people in my job classification was eligible for the hep b vaccine.  I took the test was told that I did not have hepatitis and took the vaccine series.  I later asked if they tested for all three A, B, & C and was told yes.  Several years later and after talking to the people mentioned above I asked for a copy of the lab report.  Guess what all they checked for was hep b.

I requested a hep c test from my family doctor the first part of December 2001.  He told me I was crazy, but he would do it for peace of mind.  Just before Christmas I was informed that I may have hep c.  I had the antibody in my blood.  He wanted to know if I had ever had hep c in the past.  He told me that by having the antibody in my blood didn't mean that I had it, just that I had had it at sometime, but he wanted to refer me to a specialist.  I feel like this guy is trying to pacify me saying it no big deal.  After many questions on the phone he said that I should come in and talk with him about the test results.  At this meeting he pushed around on my liver and sent me out for more blood work, liver profile and RNA.  When I called he said that I had it and I needed to see a specialist.  I asked for some specific numbers, he asked if I had been reading when I told him that I had he suggested that we make another office visit to discuss specifics. When I got there I don't know if he was still in the pacifying mode or what but he told me that my count was around four hundred thousand and that was pretty high since the range was under 520.  When I got to see my copy of the report I saw four million four hundred twenty eight thousand.  His reply was whoops I guess your wright.  The good news was that my liver profile was all within normal ranges.  So I get referred to a specialist ( the same one that has cured my friend at work) he gets aggravated at me because the test were ordered in the wrong order.  We should have done the liver profile first.  My reply to him was that he was probably correct then there would have been know reason to order the antibody or RNA test.  When he saw my point he did a small exam and he ordered a liver biopsy which was done earlier this week, results to follow in three weeks.  Pending the results of these test he would make the determination if I was treatable.  He suggested that I may not want to be treated if I have had the disease for twenty years and don't have any liver damage why worry about it now.  Then he tells me that he was notified two week earlier that the drug company has suspended taking any new patients for lack of the drug.

There's a little history on what has been going on. I would like to ask a couple of question. 1) according to your book you were on your cure for 18 months. Is that the normal duration? 2) How long normally till you see a drop in numbers of virus in your blood. 3) Is the cost of doing what you did around $900 from your web site per month? Is there a way to get a discount? Maybe if more than one of us do this. I know that when I talked with my brother he said he could not afford that with four boys to support. Especially since his insurance would pay for the other. 4) what is the success rate of your cure? why don't some people succed with your cure.


Quite a story, but normal for me to read.  It is true interferon is free from insurance company, but my experience with talking with more than 35 thousand people who have done it, it does not work, and if it does, the virus comes back.  Usually the side effects are worse than the virus.

The biggest problem with interferon is the problems that occur later, the ones no one talks about.  Your health can be altered for life.

My program has worked on every single person who actually did it as I did it except one.  Most people do not have the persistence to see it thru.  Most people who do just part of it have good success.  Your doctor is wrong when he says do not treat it.  One should take Milk thistle 400 mg 3 x day; lipoic acid 200 mg 3 x day; selenium 400 mcg per day.  After that, if you can afford more, Natcell thymus 1 vial every other day, properly prepared aloe 4 oz 3 or more times a day.  Then the rest of the items in my book as I did them.

I hope this helps. I will give you a discount of 10%.  If you have a friend do it and we do two programs at once, I can discount it 15%.

In Good Health.

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