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Stage 2 Dibeaties
January 28, 2002

Hi Lloyd,

My Dad's Diabetic condition seems to be improving by using the Natcell Pancreas & Thymus.  Were still not sure if it's the Natcell or not but my Dad's blood sugar levels have dropped from 230 to 130, which is from fairly high to almost normal.  He's only used two bottles of each but he says overall he feels better.  We're testing levels everyday.  I am envious of his ability to test his levels so easily, I wish I had a quick test for my AST , ALT & Viral Load that I could check everyday.  I know it's not your area of expertise but I'm hoping through your studies and affiliations with many doctors and your clients you may have some information that could help him with his condition. When we talked last you mentioned a product similar to the organic glandular Thymus a Pancreas extract.  We are interested in it and anything else you might have or know that could improve his Diabetic condition.

I listened to the radio show the other day. It was good to hear you.

Take care,
Bob B.

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