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Message - January 2, 2002
Now What?


I'm a Vietnam Vet, 1967 - 1970 era, who served in the field, not in the rear. Cu Chi was our base camp. CUT at the Phila. VA Hospital, during a C&P blood test, apparently they found me positive for HEPC/HCV, wrote it up, put it in a folder, and never told ME!!

This was Jan.1994. In 1999,during a gall bladder removal, the civilian hospital DR. saw my liver, performed a biopsy, and pronounced it fibrous, chronic. Count was high: 873,000.

I went on Interfuron and Ribavarin/Rebetron for (1) full year to the date. I never varied, never missed. I drank nothing but water (I don't smoke, nor drink alcohol) and used milk thistle 2xp/day. My count went down to 86,000 in 3 months=quick responder. Then it went to 393,000, 670,000, and at 7 months was back up to 900,000+.

They kept me on the meds. The meds caused 2 different types of arthritis and caused my immune system to start attacking itself, which left me worse off than before.

I have been recuperating for 2 years now. I am no longer considered a viable Interferon candidate. Univ. of Penn's Gillian Zeldin is now my doctor. Now I also have thyroid problems, nodes and nodules and Univ. of Penn's Susan Mandell is that doctor.

I had rotator cuff surgery because of lumps in muscles and tendons, which prevented re-traction. They cut 2 biceps tendons, 1 scapular tendon, and 1 pectoral tendon, which had to be fixed.

I also have male sexual problems (hardening of vessels in penis) and went from size 101/2" shoe to 13 EEE. I have lumps in neck and head, and ALL my lymph glands are hard as rocks. During my last ultrasound the doctor discovered that all had lima bean sized dark shadows in them. The doctors don't say much. They just scratch their heads.

I have pain and fatigue, and am going after the VA over this. Vietnam blood exposure and/or inoculations with an item called Gameglobulin in 1968,while at Special Forces Training Group, Ft.Bragg, NC. It was/is a whole blood product. It was never checked for HepC/HCV, since they didn't know about it then. It was supposed to be refrigerated but we used it warm. The box came with 2 needles, and 12 bottles, which we had to keep and use for 1 full year.

The army claimed it was an automatic blood thinner that would kick in when the weather was hot, allowing us to perform despite the heat? Now what?

Any ideas, comments, suggestions? I sure could use some comforting advice or at least some informative advice. I still can't believe the VA cost me 5 more years with their ignorance, but I have the records and in black and white which say I was HCV positive, Jan.1994.

Ethically, don't they have to tell me? Morally? Legally?

Daniel G. N. Sr.


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