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Message - January 13, 2002
Viral Count Update


Dear Lloyd,

I want to update you on my progress. I don't know if you remember emailing me but here is a brief review of my case.

Diagnosed in June of 1999 viral count - 90,000. Started Interferon treatment Nov., 1999 through April, 2000.

Viral count in April of 2000 0.

Viral count checked in November of 2000 - 260,000.

Viral count checked in April of 2001 - 320,000.

Dr. wanted me to do Pegalated Interferon when it became available and meanwhile I read your book.

I started on you recommended treatment in August of 2001.

Viral count check in middle of October 2001 - 211,000.

I know that my count is going down due to you recommended treatment.

Thank you so much for making this information available. I am continuing to use the recommended items from you. I will update again when I have my viral count taken again in April.

Thank you,

M. B.


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