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Message - January 10, 2002
Success Stories


Everyday I hear stories from victims of Hepatitis C that would be easily dismissed as fiction by the medical community not to mention the average American.

With their arrogant attitudes and demeaning behavior, many doctors just smile and chuckle when asked about the healing potential of herbs. However, some of the success stories Iíve heard from my clients canít just be dismissed with a chuckle and a smile. In fact, a good number of their stories even out do my own personal account.

For example, today I heard from a client of mine from Arizona. Sheís forty-two years old and only three months ago underwent gallbladder surgery. She had a liver biopsy performed during the procedure. The results of the biopsy were clear; chronic Hepatitis C, stage 2 cirrhosis. The Hepatologist told the patient her condition was too bad to treat with Interferon and that she would need a liver transplant. Thus the doctor put her on the list.

After some research, the woman read my book, "Triumph Over Hepatitis C." Liking what she saw, she decided to give the program a try. After three months of the program, she returned to see the doctor at the University of Arizona Teaching Hospital. Upon seeing her, the doctor admits he did not expect to see her looking so healthy.

The lady tells the doctor that sheís been taking herbs. Immediately the doctor states, "I must have been wrong, I must have made a mistake when reading your reports." The lady retorts "listen to me, Iíve been taking herbs."

Ignoring her, the doctor hands her a form to sign so he can acquire the slides of her biopsy to reexamine them. The doctor then states, "You can not get well from this condition."

I would love to meet this "fool" in a public forum and debate him on these issues.

Another terrific story has unfolded in the last few weeks. Three weeks ago, a forty year-old female calls me. She sounds near death, weak, confused, hopeless, and definitely well beyond her years. She tells me that following my program cured her friend. She tells me that she has read my book and that she needs help because her doctor is killing her. She enlightens me on the horrors she has faced. She says her doctor has had her on Interferon since 1997 (11 months on, 2 months off, 11 months on, 2 months off for four years). I tell her that she should already be dead. She then says that she has been on Pegulated Interferon for 5 weeks.

We talk for a couple more hours, the whole time sheís telling me how terrible her life has become. Her husband was on the phone some of the conversation and he confirmed her troubles.

She then tells me she has had four liver biopsies. When she reads them to me, Iím thinking to myself, "these are the best liver biopsies Iíve ever heard." She then states that her doctor told her that her viral load was off the charts, that it was so high it couldnít be measured.

The test she was given was PCR RNA HCV Qualitative, the test with a range that just stated, "greater than 850,000."

I thought this is beginning to sound like she was used as a guinea pig to determine the long-term effects of Interferon. I know not many people could tolerate Interferon for that length of time. She was the perfect victim because of the simple fact that she kept on being a victim.

She then tells me she had pleaded with the doctor to let her stop the Pegulated Interferon, but he had stated that she would die if she stopped.

I pleaded with her and her husband to stop the insidious criminal activity being perpetuated by the doctor. She obliged and stopped taking Interferon. She went on my full program. After a few days, her husband called me late at night. He asks, "What have you done to my wife?" He tells me that when he came home from work he found the house clean, cleaner than it had been since his wife had begun taking Interferon. He said his wife had also taken down and washed all the curtains. He happily told me that he and his wife spent the rest of the evening putting the curtains back up. He had his wife back and I could feel his joy.

These are just two of the success stories Iíve heard. If I wanted to document everyone Iíve heard I would have to take off a couple years, so for now, I will keep you keep sending along a few stories of hope as I have time.

How long will it take before "doctors" realize that the health of their patients is more important than the money that finds its way into their overstuffed wallets? Hopefully, not too long.


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