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Viral Load
February 3, 2002

Hi Lloyd,

I finally received my viral load report from my doctor. You can use this on your web page if you want.

3/17/00- Viral Load is 2,887,300 copies
1/17/02- Viral Load is 664,000 copies

It said the amount in international units was 267,000. I wish we could use that figure! The doctor said I had a drop of 70%. ( I have been on your program consistently since June of 2001.) His reaction to my viral load was to tell me that on my next visit in three months, we need to talk about putting me on interferon and do a liver biopsy!  I told him I would not be going on the medication.  He did not seem interested in what I was taking.  He said to continue the milk thistle because it seemed to be working.  Milk thistle is great, but I know it is not doing this on it's own.

Anyway, great news!!

Hope all is well.

A. K.

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