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What About Mad-Cow?
February 3, 2002

Hello Lloyd,

I came by your information on the web just the other day. I ordered your book on Tuesday January 29th, received it on Thursday and have almost finished here on Friday. What an insightful book, very scary at times but also very hopeful for people in my situation.

I was diagnosed with "C" in 1991 from a routine blood panel. As it stands now, my enzymes are still only slightly elevated and my viral load has been described to me as "moderate". This coming from the hep specialist at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. Here in New York To date I have not been bothered by this condition and would not know that I have it if not for that blood test in 1991.

I know this may not always be the case for me and I feel that I need to do something. I have this constant feeling of dread and that I am living under the Sword of Damacles.

My questions concern the NatCell Thymus extract. Is there any possbility of exposure to Mad-Cow disease?

I hope this doesn't sound far fetched, but is it possible? Also how do they get the actual extract. Do they have to kill the animal? My doctor said he can't treat me because I am not sick, the cure would be worse than the disease, however I feel that I can no longer take the chance that I will not develope serious health issues if I continue on a course of "no-action".

Please advise me if you can. I do not know how I contracted it, I think from my dentist, I have not been able to verify this, but the medical community seems unwilling to even consider it. I have been placed in the "community acquired" section. Also I am 46 years old, if that matters.

Thank you for looking at this realistically, and also thank you for your time.

Capt.Nicholas Kutscera
Eastern Star Cruises

Hi Captain Nicholas,

My Grand mother was a member of the eastern star. The hep c test in 1991 was very inaccurate. I assume you have had additional tests since.

Your doctor is right, in that the treatment is worse than the disease and I must point out that he is one of very few. The thymus is alive, live peptides of 50.000 Daltons or less, a molecular measurement. It is from juvenal calves. Most of the other natcell products are from embryos. The calves are constantly checked for over 2000 viruses. They are raised on there own special isolated pastures next to the multi million dollar lab in Canada.

There is no possibility of spreading mad cow disease with this product.

It is distributed world wide. It is only sold by doctors and an occasional pharmacy. I guarantee to provide it for less than anyone else. As you describe your condition, I suggest the following Milk thistle 400 mg 3 x day lipoic acid 200 mg 3 x day selenium 400 mcg per day. Milk thistle seed tea, several cups per day, helps prevent and reverse cirrhosis.

Then if you want to kill the virus, Natcell thymus 1 vial every other day Properly prepared aloe 4 oz 3 or more times a day. Then I recommend the rest of the items in my book. I world like to put your email on my message board, to encourage people who only hear the standard message from there doctor, interferon, they act like it is a McDonalds take out. This is standard. I can remove your name address etc. If it OK, please let me know. If you have further questions, I am here.

Thank you

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