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Re: thanks
February 24, 2002


I wanted to thank you for e-mailing your book to me. I read most of it last night, sounds like you have had a lot of bad times, but through it you have become a survivor. I too would like to cure the hep c virus inside of me.

I tried the interferon once, did'nt work tried the combo and guess what it did'nt work either. Sure made me feel sick. Dr. had to stop treatment second time it was killing me. Then decided to do geneo type, I'm a 1a. Dr. said it would'nt have worked any way. Oh well.

I have tried alternatives, milk thistle is one I take all the time. My last lab test showed that I had a high viral load <2,000,000 (when I was first diagnosed it was a very low viral load), and my alt etc. was completely normal, maybe its the milkthistle. I hope because I've heard when your liver shuts down your alts come up normal too.

I don't have the funds for the thymus vials, but I was wondering if there is a product out there that is helpful but more affordable. I was on hep centrals web page awhile back and saw the argument you had with one of the members (I am not a member, just check it out once in awhile to see if anything new is in the works) I felt you were unjustly attacked, then again there are a lot crabby people there probably because they are on treatment.

I have had the disease fo 20-25 years never felt sick until treatment. Now I have weeks with no energy, aching bones, mental confusion, blurred vision etc.Have been off treatment for two years now. I wish I never did treatment, but then again I wished I didn't do the stupid things in the past to get me in this mess.

Take care.

Hi T.

I would love to put your email on my message board minus your name address etc. If it is OK, please let me know.

You need to do more than milk thistle.
These four items can make a big difference.
Selenium 400 mcg per day from all sources
Milk Thistle 400 mg 3 x day
Lipoic Acid 200 mg 3 x day
Dandelion Root Tea 1 quart per day,
afternoon and evening.

.Also, the thymus organic glandular capsules is better than no thymus.

I appreciate your comment about me being unjustly attacked. Occasionally I am, especially by people on interferon or people who wrote books that do not sell as well as mine. It usually causes me a great deal of grief.

Thank You

Hi Lloyd,

It would be fine with me if you put my e-mail on your web site. I am going to start gathering the items you have listed.

I have also taken astragula, dandelion shizandra for quite sometime.   I have been told that prolonged use of licorice can be toxic if taken in high doses for more than five days. I am detoxing my liver at this time and will start on your program as soon as I have all the items.

I talked to Sandra Cabot on the phone the other day (the author of the healthy liver and bowel book) she, like you takes the time to speak to people interested in their health, I am taking her Livatone plus to detox right now and it seems to work.

Take care, and thanks for responding to my e-mails. I have spoken to very few people about my disease, and you are the first person I have had contact with that has actually had it, so I really do appreciate your response.


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