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Free Coupons For Pretzels From Schering Plough
February 24, 2002


I received a call from a young lady in Nevada last week, late Feb., 2002. She had just stopped Peg Intron after 6 months. She told me that she had never had a suicidal thought in her life until her first shot of the new 'Gold Standard' of treatment, peg intron. She went from 138 pounds to 98 pounds and her thyroid went into overdrive.

After 3 months all she got was a beach towel and a congratulations from schering plough for staying on the program for 3 months. Her doctor told her is was a 90% success rate! She informed me that she could not get from the living room to the kitchen. Her doctor kept telling her, "don't feel guilty, you are just a weak person".

She quit at 6 months, still sick and received some free coupons for pretzels from schering plough. I think that is the most anyone has gotten out of them. I would like to hear them confess on the topic of how many people they have killed in the last 6 months and how many the new peg intron have caused to develop type 2 diabetes.

I sent a copy of my book to this young lady, and it came back undeliverable, so if your reading this, please call with a complete address.


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