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Re: (no subject)
February 24, 2002

Dear Lloyd,

I hope you can help me, and 39 years old, a haemophiliac, and I have hepatitis C.  I live on an island between Scotland and Ireland, called the Isle of Man. Since I found out about my hepatitis C infection about eight years ago and since then I think I have been suffering from a large dose denial.  Maybe it's due to the fact that I live in a fairly isolated place and the fact that I have not felt ill at all, that I have put myself in the hands of the mainstream doctors.

I have been through two courses of interferon treatment the last one in combination with ribavirin, both times I responded but then as seems to be the case I relapsed.  Local consultants assured me that there was nothing else in the foreseeable future to help me and that alternative treatments were ineffective.  Of course now we have seen the emergence of a new interferon but even the doctors don't seem very optimistic about its success rates.

A short time ago I decided to take back my power from the doctors and take control of my treatment and life, with this in mind I began to try and find information on the Internet and came across your page.  Your site has given me new hope and I have already began to get together treatment package for myself.  I have managed to source the more common items from local suppliers and have ordered the more specialised items from your web site pharmacy.  There seems to be so much that I can do myself but it is difficult to know where to start, what are the most important thing is to begin with?  So for the last two days I have felt a new optimism and the difference in me has been obvious to my wife children and parents.  Just to have a plan and to be doing something about it has been a great help.  However as seems to be the case with this condition just as you think you're going somewhere it gives you a kick in the teeth.

About two months ago I was sent for an ultrasound scan and the results came back that my spleen was enlarged the doctors then send me for an x-ray to see if I had oesophageal varices and the results came back this morning that I do. The doctors suggest I go on propranolol 40mg BD to reduce my portal bloodflow.

I assume this means I now have cirrhosis and obviously feel very low and depressed as this is the first real sign that my liver is in real trouble.  Once again I feel desperate and alone even though I have my family supporting me.  It's obviously not first time I have felt like this during the time I have been infected but every time I get a setback it seems to affect me worse than before.  But obviously learning from past experience I need to try and do something about this situation myself and this e-mail was my first step.  It is quite therapeutic just to see this written down and contact someone else who understands what I am going through both physically and more appropriately at the moment mentally.  So trying to be more positive can I ask you, if I have cirrhosis will alternative treatments be effective, do I need to take different steps to help deal with cirrhosis, do you think the pills the doctors suggest I take will do any harm.  But most of all at this stage of my illness what do I do to beat the hell out of this virus and claim my life back I look forward to hearing from you, thanks for all the help you have already given me through your site.

I'm sorry about spelling mistakes and poor grammar but having just received the letter with the bad news regarding the x-ray my head is a bit messed up.

Kindest regards

Hi A.

When I wrote my book, I did a lot of research and learned that cirrhosis could be reversed, opposite of what doctors say. I now have over 25 clients that have reversed cirrhosis.

One inparticlular I would like to comment on. His testimonial is on my message board. He is a very wealthy man, he knew his doctor since he was born, so his doctor had a special respect for him. He ordered my book in January of 2000. He gave it to his doctor, he read it and said, there is nothing in this book that will help you. You will die in about 1 year, there is nothing we can do.

This 65 year old male started my program, most of it in feb. 2000. On September 14 2000 he called me and read me a letter from his doctor. It said,' I feel cheated by my education, I feel the need to reeducate myself. I followed you thru this treatment and I know this was not a spontaneous remission." He sent me 5 years of his blood work. It is perfect. He was suppose to be dead in December of 2000. He spent dec 2000 in the Caribbean having a good time. He calls me every month and thanks me for his life. He is a very decent good man. You can do the same.

I have several hemophiliacs on my program and they respond slower, but they are all doing better. Peg intron causes type 2 diabetes. It is currently off the market. Also Schering plough was fined 500.000.000 dollars for quality control problems. They killed an unknown number of people. Answer my phone for a week and you would never even consider interferon's. I am here for further questions.


Hi Lloyd,

thanks for your reply to my previous e-mail.  Once again i feel i can do something positive about my situation and i cant wait to get my hands on your book and start putting things right.

Please feel free to use my e-mail on the message board.  i'm sure you will be hearing alot more from me in the future, thanks again for the help you have already provided.

kindest regards,

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