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Re: C
February 24, 2002

Dear Lloyd:

I read your book with great interest. I was diagnosed over 10 years ago while they were looking for something else.

My values are only slightly elevated , viral load greater than 1 mill, biopsy grade 2,stage 1 I tried the peg intron (dr felt I was healthy and relatively young - 50 - give it a try) for 1 month and blood counts got so low dr said to stop temporarily, but there was no way i was going to start again. I felt I lost a month of my life, major personality change, nauseous the entire month blah blah blah

Anyway, I feel great now , have no symptoms (never did) and was wondering what part of your regimen you would recommend for someone in my situation that is asymptomatic but obviously would like to erradicate the virus. I am a faithful exerciser, take vitamins, basically a vegetarian., meditate twice daily.

thank you so much for your time :)


I would like to put your email on my message board. Dr.s all over are being told by Schering Plough that peg is good, no side effects and a 95% cure rate which is a lie.

I want people to know it. If it is OK, please let me know.

I remove names, address etc unless otherwise informed.

I suggest:
milk thistle 400 mg 3 x day
lipoic acid 200 mg 3 x day
selenium 400 mcg from all sources
dandelion root tea 1 quart per day
2 thymus caps 3 x day
1 adrenal cap 2 x day
If you can afford more
Natcell thymus 1 vial every other day
Properly prepared aloe 4 oz 3 x day or more

Then, the rest of the items in my book.  I have a response book coming out in march, with stories of people who did what is in my book, you will love it.


yes that's fine, anonymously if you would and thank you again

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