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February 22, 2002

Mr. Wright:

I request that this e-mail be used in its entirety or if not, that I have the opportunity to rewrite it. Thank you.

I received my diagnosis early last November, 2001, and immediately began to earnestly research the disease and my options. I quickly uncovered the truth about interferon as well as the availability of alternative therapies. I soon began a regimen of supplements and kept adding to them as I discovered more information. On November 28th, I received my first set of numbers plus genotype. My viral load was 628,442, my genotype 1b, and my ATL level was 36.

I kept researching, along with the tireless help of my beautiful wife, and asked for another set of tests before my scheduled appointment with a specialist. My next set of tests were taken on January 2, 2002, and showed an increased viral load of 815,789 and an ATL of 51. My specialist suggested I have an iron binding test and a biopsy before putting me on interferon treatments ASAP.

I received Mr. Wright's book about this same time and placed my first order on January 24th. My iron binding test came back with all numbers in the acceptable range, but my ATL had risen to 65. I added Mr. Wright's therapy on the 25th of January to what I had already been taking. I asked for one more test before committing to a biopsy. That test was given on February 11th. The results were reported to me on February 18th. After adding Mr. Wright's therapy, my viral load dropped to 333,350 and my ATL to 52 in less than a month.

As of this writing, my specialist is still out of town and is unaware of the massive drop in viral activity these numbers represent, but his nurse practitioner and my GP are very aware of the unprecedented results. In hopes that my experience may well be of benefit to other patients, they were anxious to know exactly what I had done. I have explained to them the treatment path I have followed, providing detailed information along with a copy of Mr. Wright's book.

Much credit is due Mr. Wright for his exhaustive efforts in seeking out and compiling the information in this book and making it available to those facing the challenge of this disease. I must also give credit, ultimate credit, to God. In Hosea 4:6, God says, "My people perish for a lack of knowledge." And in Proverbs 2:6, He says, "For the Lord gives wisdom." Mainstream medicine lacks sufficient knowledge of this disease to offer a cure. God offers both wisdom and healing through His Son. I am thankful that God has entrusted Mr. Wright with a key element of His wisdom to bring hope and results to those confronted with the disease and the uncertain results of conventional treatment.

My next test is scheduled for March 11th. I look forward to seeing another dramatic viral load with all other levels normal!!.

Don, Minnesota

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