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Re: diabetes out of control
February 16, 2002

Dear Lloyd,

Thanks so much for passing on your healing experience with Hepatitis C. After reading your book I immediately ordered everything in the program and more. My husband was extremely ill before he began with all the horrible symptoms everyone knows all too well. On top of that his doctor put him on interferon, which he took for only a week as it nearly killed him. He began by taking thymus extract every second day and alternated liver and pancreas extracts on the inbetween days. He drinks 12 to 16 oz. of aloe juice every day along with all the other things you recommended. To do this I had to make a checklist so we were sure everything was taken. I'm afraid to say that I've had to basically play nurse for the last four months.

Even though this is a rigorous program including the teas and everything the results have been nothing short of amazing. The first thing that changed was the size of my husband. I called him the incredible shrinking man. From the point the doctor weighed him to prescribe the Interferon to about 6 wks. after starting your treatment he lost 18 lbs. The result of the weight loss and healing combined had amazing results. He suddenly started sleeping through the night for the first time in years.(he was diagnosed with sleep apnea) Gradually over the first couple of months he got rid of the morphine and antidepressants he was on for over 3 years. That was an amazing thing. He continues to look better all the time.

There is one nagging problem though. He has been a diabetic for about 12 years. The last few years has been a roller coaster of high to normal blood sugar readings. Since being on the Hep C treatment Dan has had an almost consistant blood sugar of around 14. It should be in a range of 3.5 to 7. It has been very frustrating. The only thing I can think of is that the stress of getting rid of the virus through the use of all these supplements is keeping it consistantly high. Do you know other people who have experience this diabetic problem and what have they done to bring down their high blood sugar? Another benefit of being on the program is that Dan has begun exercising at the local YMCA again after barely being able to walk for 3 years. Amazing!

Thanks again for your help and caring.
L. B. and D. B.

Hi L.B.

Taking pancrease usually helps the blood sugar problem. I am not an expert on this, I just know what I have heard from others with the problem.

I think you are right about what is happening. The body is detoxing and all kinds of things can be going on. Being a diabetic is a difficult task both for the body and mind. It takes a lot to fight both hep c and diabities at the same time. I sugest using more of the natcell pancreas and perhaps adding the pancreas organic glandular. Also coming off of a 3 year morphine and antidepressent regime after 3 years will take the body some time to heal.

In Good Health.

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