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Another Great Testimonial
February 16, 2002

This 52-year-old male called me yesterday and faxed me his blood work because his doctor did not have time to explain it. He was on my program for two months when his doctor convinced him to try peg intron for a study being offered.

When he stopped my program his viral load was 1.904.149. That was 11/29/00
Six months of peg intron and his viral load was 4.455.710

He told me a good day on peg intron was a day he could 'lift his head off the pillow'! That is an exact quote.

He started back on my program, realizing he had to live with this and interferons are not life friendly.

On 9/18/01 his viral load was 3.570.492.
His next test was on 1/9/02. His viral load was 2.160.289.
His SGOT 32, his SGPT 35, Protein, total, serum 7.2 Bilirubin total 0.5.

The rest of his blood work is also perfect with the exception of WBC count; RBC count and Platelet count being on the low side as a direct result of the negative side effects of peg intron. Blood Tests on file.

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