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AST & ALT going down
February 15, 2002

Dear Lloyd,

I hope you are well and happy. I phoned in an order, but I have a feeling it wasn't very clear; so I will try to call you or fax an order or both (probably both).

As I stated, my AST went from 223 in July to 179 and my Alt from 276 to 207. My alk phos, however went up from 152 to 172. Also my platelets are down 101 per 1000/UL. My nurse practitioner is freaked out about the platelet count, but I am feeling very well and don't have any really unusual bleeding. It is not how many platelets you have, but how they function, as I understand it. So I am now more committed to this program. Is it better to add theNatcell liver or adrenal? I have just started on an adrenal supplement, and felt more energy than I have felt for a while. And I have pretty high energy...I run a few miles ever other day and do other exercises, plus work and keep my homelife in order. I have been under severe stress for many years, and am just getting myself joyful and happy again, so I suspect that my adrenals are fried. I'll call you soon.


Hi L.

The Natcell Liver is excellent at helping raise the platelet count. Most of the people who use it have drastically low platelet count due to use of interferon. They respond quickly. The adrenal gland is stressed with long term stress and disease and actually begins to come apart. This is usually when disease begins to spread. Western medicine has or seems to have overlooked this. Support of the adrenal gland is essential in the fight against any disease or assault by chemo therapy. Natcell adrenal is the best way I know of to support the adrenal gland. People who use it love it. I took adrenal organic glandular when I was sick, could not have afforded the natcell.

In Good Health

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