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90% decrease in viral load!

February 14, 2002

This is to all of you suffering with hepatitis C, especially those of you whose progress in recovery is slow. I was diagnosed with hep C in February of 1999, and considering that I had a friend who had just completed 18 months of pure hell on interferon, I told my doctor that unless he said I would be dead in 5 years without it, I wanted to try to find a better way. Luckily he agreed with me. Referring to interferon he said, "It's nasty stuff."

At this time, my liver enzymes were elevated and my viral load was 62,620,000. I had sold my business of 7 years because I was very sick. I started taking some herbs and supplements and by October of 1999, my viral load was 39,610,000, and I was feeling a bit better. So I slacked off on the herbs. By February of 2000, I was back up to 66,710,000, and I felt like I was dying. So once again, I began taking more herbs.

By September, I had found Lloyd Wright's web site on the Internet, and I had finally gotten it through my thick skull that there really was something to the herbs. I began taking as many of Lloyd's products as I could, and I noticed a dramatic increase in my energy level. Also, my liver stopped aching, my skin stopped itching, and in time, virtually all of my symptoms either went away or diminished tremendously.

I have really struggled from time to time with taking everything like I'm supposed to and with wanting to just give up and die. (I'm only 47 years old.) It's a struggle to discontinue my bad habits and eat healthier. All along the way, Lloyd has encouraged me to keep at it and remember that I had an extremely high viral load and was very sick, so it might take longer for me to recover. I had my blood tested the other day and my liver enzymes are fine. Best of all, my viral load is (are you ready for this?) 6,287,740, which is about a 90% decrease. I am thrilled and so encouraged. I want to get rid of this virus, and I believe I will. It's all up to me. I am the only one who can get up in the morning and go to the freezer and take out that little brown vial. I am the only one who can make those time-consuming, all-important teas and swallow all those pills all day long. I decided in the very beginning to take matters into my own hands, but sometimes it's very difficult to have the discipline to keep at it. One time I complained to my Doctor about how hard it was to take all this stuff, and he reminded me of the alternatives. He is as supportive as an MD can be. He also told me that he'd love to have something else to offer his hep C patients (besides combo therapy) and that he'll be real interested to see what happens with me.

When he gave me the results of my viral titer the other day, he told me that it will not be medically significant until it's under 2,000,000. "That's when people respond more favorably to interferon," he said. But that is not why I am doing this, and a 90% decrease is VERY significant to me.

I hope my progress will inspire others to keep at it, be patient, and give it time. I look at this much the same way as I do fertilizers. If you use chemical products, you will get pretty fast results-a green lawn in 2 days-but it doesn't last. It's only cosmetic, and you have to keep doing it over and over. If you use organic products, it will take longer to get the desired result, but you will end up not only with a healthier, greener lawn, you'll also have a healthy root system, without putting deadly chemicals into the environment. It's not a quick fix; it's a process that takes time and patience. I do believe now that all good things come to those who wait.


Note from Lloyd:

Jane's emails are found on my website over the past year describing how she suddenly found herself doing things instead of lying on the couch all day, people noticed the color was back in her face, she found that she was singing in the car again etc. I would like to mention that after her viral load drop form 62.620.000 to 32.000.000 several months had gone by and she went in for new tests. She anxisously awaited there return and when they came back, she had received the usual 'greater than 850.000 test, basically worthless. This happened to her a few times in a row and she found it very depressing.

Finnally at about 6 months into the program it came back 30.000.000. I strongly advised her to begain a new effort to drink my teas and take the new liquid Ascorbic C as the creator of it told me it was designed to enter the blood stream similar to that of an IV drip. Normally oral vitamin C is only 10% absorbed. Those are the only changes we made and she droped from 30 million to 6.287.740. That is a terrific response.

Her doctor considered it 'not significant'. What would you think if it were you?

Blood Tests on file!
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