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Radio Show
February 01, 2002

Hi Lloyd,

Ed and I tried to listen to your radio show on ksco on the web here but our mediaplayer would not pick it up.  Are they archived and if so how would we get a copy of it?

He's doing great.  He's added some more things to what he's already been taking from your protocol and feeling pretty good.  Will email you again in 2 months when he gets his bloodwork back.  Hopefully the viral load will have gone down instead of up as with the last testing... but the ALT and AST are going down rapidly!  We are not concerned about the viral load shifting up after emailing you and finding that it is not uncommon during the first few months, we have heard this from others as well.  He has been going through some stress lately as well so I'm sure that doesn't help it either.

You are a gem Lloyd.... what's up with this new book I see posted to one of your emailers?  We want a copy as soon as it comes out!

Thanks again for all you do Lloyd, you really are a godsend!


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