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Re: A wish to ask
December 7, 2002



Thank you so much....please bill me for the books if needed..... i am pretty new at this, and was only discovered with this in sept, and i had said to my dr, I feel terrible for years now please check me for hep to rule it all have checked me out for practically everything else..and have all but told me i am a nut case and a hypercondriac. (sp, you know one who makes things up with sickness for pitty) we had done an ultrasound because we had found some liver cysts( a regular one not a guided bx at that time yet) and the thing said my liver was beautiful, cysts were simple no cancer........ then he started being condescending and telling me hep means swollen liver....I said Look doc please do it anyway, what is the problem? and Bam I got hep c....they didnt bother telling me for 3 weeks, then i couldnt see a gastro ( so booked) for another damn rude......

if i wasnt so angry i would be emotionally hurt . I have read and read. on the web, and the DR seems to have no time to explain things to me.....I joined a forum with other Hep patience and have learned a lot and mostly that the stuff they give you is poison.....and doesn't work.....

I love my life....I am a mother of 3.....a cookie baking type divorced. And children now grown, but still I make em some cookies and mail them to them on birthdays etc.

I do not like the stigma that I got this from sex, or that I am some moral reprobate in some opium den somewhere......and caused this in myself.....

i believe the medical profession did this to me (with blood products against my will and religion) at the birth of my son in mid 80's,,, so why should I trust them to help me, now
and being on Medicaid and disabled for other things,,,,,,,,i get my choice of nothen Drs., and not a lot of respect....I dont know how i got it, but i understand it can give us a clue of how fast it ( hep c ) is moving in my body.....more blood work to follow.....
i have always tried to be pro active in my health conserns,,,,but sounds like there is no magick bullet for this, and all i can hope for is quality of life, and perhaps the disease moving so slowly, ( if i take care of myself) so i can die of something else other than liver failure.. like old age or something......or maybe the Lord will come back before I have to worry about end stage......

whatever the case...I appreciate all you can do for me....

PS sorry to hear you have viruses.. in your puter......

Hi Avalon:
I suggest reading my books. They answer most of the questions you need to know.
I would attach a copy of them but several viruses have atacked my computers and I do not have the capacity to do so.

Send me your address and I will send you my books.
Please read them and do not use interferon's. You will never be the same.

In good health

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