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December 21, 2002


Hepatitis C Funding Petition
Demand that our Government allocate more funding for this Epidemic.
Sponsored by: Norm Seiff

Make Hep C victims eligible for Social Security
Benefits Petition to Mr. Kenneth Apfel, Commissioner, SSA
Sponsored by: Kathryn Morse

Request to form a President's Council on HCV
Petition to Congress and the President of the U.S.
Sponsored by: David McGinty

Request for warning labels on Toothbrushes and Razors
Petition asks that public service announcements be frequently heard......
Sponsored by: zen48340

Epidemic: Hepatitis C & The President
Petition to President Bush
Sponsored by: Steven Carricut

Service Connection for Veterans/ Active Military/ and Dependents
To Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Anthony J. Principi, Majority and Minority-Veterans Committee Members Republican and Democratic Committees From the Citizens of the United States.

The Nationwide Petition Drive To Reform/Repeal The Feres Doctrine
Human/constitutional rights violations of American citizens
serving in the United States Armed Forces.
Sponsored by Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advoc.

Save Dr. Ben Cecil Clinic and the Lives of HCV Vets at Louisville VAMC
Stop the closure of number one VA treatment center for veterans.
Sponsored by Hepatitis C's Movement for Awareness



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