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Re: Advise
December 20, 2002



Please forgive the length of this. I felt the need to explain my background.  I am a 50 yr. old male.  I was originally diagnosed w/ Hep C back in 1995, during a routine physical.  I felt fine.  I probably contracted it in the early 70's due to my lifestyle back then. (very

Went to a leading Gastro for his opinion.  He did a biopsy and further blood work. Showed elevated ALT's 180/95, and minimal damage ( the biopsy.)

His recommendation was interferon.  I opted for a second opinion so he sent me to Shands Hospital (univ. of Fla.)  I believe I saw Gary Davis there (can't remember for sure)  His opinion was the same-interferon.  I did the interferon 3 times a week for a year.  My ALT's came down into the normal range and have stayed there ever since.

Last year I had a slight spike in my ALT's 50/46, and my dr. wanted to immediately start the peg/rebetol.  I put him off for about a year while I tried other natural substances.  I use Maximum Milk Thistle, Liv.52, Vitamin C.  Multi w/out Iron.
I have never felt bad except for some tiredness at the end of the day thru-out all of this.

This is when I first bought your book.  I was very intrigued by your ordeal and cure but the cost were and still are prohibited to my situation.  This past Nov. my dr. did another blood test but this time w/ a viral scan.  It came back-normal ALT-35/32 but a viral load of 6,000,000.   I had to make a choice.  My insurance covers the peg/rebetol, so for strictly financial reasons I consented to the protocol.

The first time I did the interferon-I tolerated it fairly well, this time was completely different.  The first night I really thought I was not going to make it thru.  The longest night of my life!   Since then the side effects have eased a little but I feel terrible.  I am completely exhausted, no appetite, depressed, cold all the time, clouded thinking, intestinal distress, etc. I really feel I am poisoning myself but my family and our finances are such that I feel my hands are tied.  I know the sacrifices you went thru-but I have a family w/a daughter in college, they come first.  I don't make allot of money and it is a struggle just to pay our bills.  I can't take money away from them for me.

However, if this gets any worse (side effects), I am going to stop the treatment.  I've only been on it for two weeks.  My main question for you is - If I were to stop this madness and do your program, what (based on my history) would you recommend as the minimal product mix for me?  Believe me if I were financially able-I would follow your system to a T, but ....

Lloyd, I really appreciate your work and I wish you continued good Health.
Any advice would greatly be appreciated.

Hi C;

I would stop!

It does not matter that your insurance company pays for it.  The stuff is poison and can kill you.  If it failed the first time, it will not work the second time.  It is well known but the doctors keep doing it and I wonder what the reason i$?   It is not for your health.


6 million sounds like a range test.
The viral load number is not related to AST, ALT, or symptoms or liver damage.
That number is not that high.  I have people start my program over 100 million!

I suggest:
Milk thistle 400 mg 3 x day
Lipoic Acid 200 mg 3 c day
Selenium 400 mcg per day from all sources
Dandelion root tea 1 quart per day, afternoon and evening.
NADH 2.5 mg per day, morning, empty stomach.
Vitamin b complex
Vitamin C to tolerance
Thymus capsules, 1000 mg 3 x day

That would be a minimum.  I would like to see you do more but this can help and does help many that are having problems.

The Peg Intron is going to do you more damage in the long run than you can possible imagine!

I am here for any further questions.

Merry Christmas!



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