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National Hepatitis Advocacy Council's proposed Bill
December 19, 2002


Hi All

Here's a pdf copy of the proposed Bill.   I think it works and would like to support this through our campaigns.  Please let me know your opinion.


This is both a bad bill and a good bill.
We need to educate and we need to let people know the truth.

Since this is a bill that appears to be guided by the powers that be, it appears to be a big bonanzas for the Drug companies.  The bill needs to have more provisions.

 1.  Alternative medicine paid for by insurance.
 2.  Reconfiguration that peg intron is not a cure and a statement that it
only provides sustained remission (to 12 months non-detected an then it comes back) In only a few cases
 3.   It needs truth oriented outline of the actual facts of the use of interferon's included.  The permenment side effects of interferon and peg intron need to be listed in full.
 4.  There needs to be provision for the use of alternatives which are prove to be far more effective than the current destructive barbaric cure from the DARK AGES.

Click Here For The .pdf file of the bill



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