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Re: Please share your experience & knowledge!
December 17, 2002


Hi Lloyd,

I just read some of the info contained on the website and I would like you to share your experience with Hep C with me and maybe help me to get well or at least a lot better.

I have had Hep C for at least 30 years that they know of.  I just had my 50th birthday.   I have tried many alternative methods of treating viruses including, ozone, UBI (ultraviolet blood irradiation), herb and vitamin supplementation, etc.  Currently I am taking milk thistle, in the gel form bound to a lecithin molecule for better absorption, Hepatic Factors (Michaels), lipoic acid, Ester C, buffered sustained release C, CO Q10, colostrum, lecithin gel tabs, Ecopure coral calcium, soy protein and Perfect Food (organic green food powder) shake, but this is just not enough to do anything but keep me alive.  It does not address the Hep C virus in an aggressive enough way.

I am holding on but I feel like I am not getting any better and, actually, sense I am getting worse.  The back of my liver feels like an ice pick sticking through my back and this could be from a car wreck I had in 76.  I do not know what causes all the chronic pain but I was taking so much oral pain medication that the doctor sent me to a pain specialist and he recommended an implanted pump to deliver small doses of pain medication into my spine so I would not have to take so much oral pain medication and feel so lousy all the time. This is the pain management method I am currently using and it has helped but I hate to have pain medication in my body on a continuous basis. However, at this time, it is the best method I have found that will give me any relief.

I read how you went through so much and have beaten this virus and wanted to talk to you , by phone if possible, and discuss what you think I could do to help myself heal and irradicate this virus.

In 1989, I became so ill and sick, I had to be hospitalized and that was the last year I was able to work.  The doctor told me to get my papers and business together and do what I liked to do because he did not think I would be around too much longer.  I was a musician and did not have enough social security paid to qualify for benefits, so the only income I have and have had for the last thirteen years is SSI which is 550.00 a
month and I cannot hardy even eat on that much less take any supplements.  I have borrowed many thousands of dollars from family and friends to get the different treatments mentioned above over a period of the last ten years and have been taking supplements and having to borrow money to get them each month for the past thirteen years.  If I could get this virus under control, I would be OK as the rest of my body, I believe, is fine.

Your experience and how you came through and triumphed over this as well as cancer and chemo, was an inspiration to me and i want to talk to you and see what you think about my situation and what you would do if you were in my situation.

I appreciate your research and am glad you have this website together.  I hope I can get well again and have a real life again.  Since 1988 its been very rough and i want so much to be well and have my life back again.

I look forward to your call or reply .

Best regards,


The products you mention are not quite the same as mine.  The ones I have are only sold by doctors or some pharmacies.  It has become obvious to me that people who do what I did have better results.

One example, you said you are taking eco pure coral.  I have that but I recommend coral legend.  You get 2 time the amount, it is formulated by Dr Robert Marshall and is a superior product.

You need real vitamin c, not the kind you mentioned.  Vitamin C is good and some people need to use the ester c and other forms but the Ascorbic C liquid gets 90% in the blood and any other C will get less than 10%, a big difference.  Michaeals products are inferior in my view. CQ 10 is good but only if you are taking the kinds that are accompanied by the items that make it absorb, which cost quit a bit more, otherwise it does little or nothing.

The other therapies you described do not work.  I have spoken with 100's of people who have used the ultra viloit light and ozone and had some improvement while doing it but it failed.

My program includes live peptides.  These peptides are signalling factors and they communicate with other cells and orchestrating the attack by the immune system.  Also the properly prepared aloe has mucopolysaccrides which cause a 10 fold increase at the reception site of the macrophage.

Read my new book. Most of it is at It will answer questions.  Read my message board. It is hundreds of testimonials.  My program works.  You will feel a difference, you will see a difference in your blood work in a short time.

I am here for any further questions.

In good health


I just read something in the message board that has me in tears. I have been wondering why I am so confused all the time to where I cannot get anything done in spite of being busy trying to get something done all the time.  I get so tired and never seem to accomplish anything because I get sidetracked so easily and cannot concentrate.

I did the interferon trials at the University of Tenneesee when it was in the testing stages and the doctors had me believing it was gonna help me.  Since then, I have been worse not better and I will not do anything traditional doctors advise since.  They are controlled by pharmacutical companies and its about nothing but MONEY and GREED!!!!!  Thats a hell of a way to practice the hippocratic oath,  HUH!!!

I went to the class action page but could not figure out what to enter to get to where it was.  They should be put out of business and put in jail, ASAP, for continuing to do this to human beings or any living thing.  They (doctor at UT) wanted me to do another round and after and I did one shot, I got so sick, I called the COMPASS company that made it and had to get in touch with a representative of Compass, who was at a LA Dodgers game when I spoke to him and he told me to try and cut the dose and if that still made me sick, try and third the dose until I could take it.  Something told me if
I took any more of that, I would not be alive to tell about it.  I have not had another shot and will never take another. Nothing the traditional medial profession advises is safe and I will not touch anything they use anymore.  I have to take the pain medication, but at least God made it.  It comes from the poppy plant.  I wish I did not need it but I cannot bear the pain from the car wreck and the liver or whatever is causing it.  i really do not know, to be honest with you, and they cannot tell me.  (Trad.Doctors)  They do not know either .  They said it could be my discs in my back but it hurts behind my liver and through my body at that point like an ice pick is jabbed into my body there.. All I know is , its hell on earth and I wish I did not need anything but food and herbs.

This is too bad. What a bunch of crooks and KILLERS they are.  I am outraged, to say the least I cannot believe people can get away with this.  I guess its just tough luck now since its been since, I cannot remember when. I'll eventually find the page I need to file a complaint because they should punished for what they are doing to people who are so sick to begin with and they are making their lives more miserable.  What a

Thanks, for doing what you are doing for people wit this disease.  I really look forward to feeling better and look forward to talking to you soon and starting a protocol.

To your health and mine,



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